Thursday, July 4, 2013

Why Democracy and Equality Are Evil

To Western elites and bien-pensants the rule of medieval brutality and the violation of man's rights are legit because half plus one voted for them

Many of the people in Turkey and Egypt have evidently recognized it for what it is.

The Turkish and the Egyptian people have done the world an enormous favor! The recent resistance to Islamization by the Kemalists in Turkey, but certainly the regime change in Egypt, has laid bare the fallacy under which Western elites and bien-pensants are laboring. Unable to recognize relationships between events and ideas, they turned democracy into an end in itself.

So it could happen that the regimes of the Muslim Brotherhood born of the Arab Spring were legitimized in the minds of the Western democrats. To them the rights of man are not fundamental and leading, but the fact that fifty percent plus one voted for the brutes.

While forms of medieval Sharia law are slowly but surely being imposed on peoples that have had a taste of modernity, the democratic fundamentalists in the West endorsed their violations on the sole ground that a mathematical majority has voted for them.

This dictatorship of the majority was never part of the theory that the giant statesmen of the Enlightenment, such as America's Founding Fathers, proposed. The ballot box of self rule was merely the cherry on the cake that consisted of a complex body made up by the civil society, the rule of law, the protection of individual rights and the division of powers.

But, today's egalitarian nihilists are blind to such niceties: give them a primitive mob that votes for the permanent subjugation of women and the execution of gays and adulteresses, and they line up behind the savages.

On the night after the "coup" in Egypt entire broadsheets are filled with the rationalization of that logic.

The fallacy that a weapon, a general or an army is inherently evil takes care of the condemnation of the intervention by the Egyptian army. "This was not a coup?", was the rhetorical 'question' CNN's Christiane Amanpour posed to the Egyptian ambassador to the US with fuming indignation.

However, an army that protects man's fundamental rights is morally good, whereas a dictatorship by the majority of primitive mob - albeit consisting of half plus one - is ethically offensive! 

Last night the British government wasted no time to send a tweet condemning the "coup". To democrats this is a no brainer. Since, he did a U-turn. Hear Hague's moral squirms here.

It is hoped it is not too late for the Turkish military to intervene in their country and salvage what is left of the century old secular state of modern Turkey. But under the tutelage and the philosophically amoral standards of the European Union, the worst must be feared.

The same mindset is visible in Western countries themselves where the defenders of freedom are rebelling against creeping Islamization. They are increasingly persecuted and marginalized at the cost of individual rights and liberty.

The nihilists consistently come out behind the forces of medieval brutality on the grounds that this evil deserves equal rights with the good.

The root of this mindset dominating the ruling elites is the rejection of good and evil so as to accommodate the fallacy of moral equality where none actually exists. What benefits is primitivism, brutality and its enforcers.

Important swathes of Turkey and Egypt have now evidently recognized it for what it is.

Let us hope the peoples of the West will come to the same sobering conclusion before it is too late, and freedom by the right's of man - that rare and precious commodity - will be lost forever.

Note: The striking hypocrisy of Morsi and his Muslim Brothers in the role of the wronged champions of democratic values by itself should be enough to bring 'democrats' to their senses!