Sunday, February 1, 2015

Why European Integrationists Hate the State of Israel

Europe is justifying picking on Israel by holding its 'own' to a higher standard than say, Third World countries, or the Palestinians. At the core this hypocrisy is the racism of the diminished expectation. It says in fact: the other guys are subhuman so we don't expect them to behave as such. 

Dec 12, 2014 The European Stance on Israel Is Racist To the Core: Caroline Glick is demolishing the patronizing racism of European ambassadors during the Europe-Israel panel at The Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference.

UPDATE: Israel’s story is by no means unblemished; but it is uplifting. It’s a story of how freedom can take root in even the most unpromising conditions. Such a story appeals to optimistic types, but repels the envious, the eternally aggrieved, the gloomsters who see free markets as some kind of racket — the same people, indeed, who tend also to be anti-British and anti-American, whether they be Left Bank intellectuals or Putinite nationalists or Bolivarian revolutionaries.

Jan. 9, 2014

Israel: 'Boycott Atmosphere in the Netherlands'

A secret decree issued by the European Union will prohibit financial cooperation with the 'occupied territories' as of next year. 

Demonizing Jews and Israel is identified today an anti Zionism. They deny it's ordinary Jew hatred. 

UPDATE: The Dutch Foreign Minister is responsible for this diplomatic debacle: he's uncritically implementing EU policy. Furthermore, something odd is going on with the 'corporations' that actively embrace this boycott policy: as we have seen earlier in this dossier (scroll down), privately held companies do not voluntarily do this. It is not in their interest:
Dutch pension fund PGGM this week announced it will withdraw their investments from a number of Israeli banks for their involvement with businesses in the "occupied Palestinian territories" (our quotation marks, CT). Last month water company Vitens announced it would disinvest from Israel. The Israeli Foreign Minister has expressed anxiety over the "boycott atmosphere" current in the Netherlands.  (Source, Dutch)

Dec. 12, 2013

Dutch Water Company Ends Coop With Israel 

In the preceding log we read about the confusing memes emanating from the EU and the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Timmermans regarding the cooperation with companies located in Irael's 'occupied territories'. The Dutch pseudo state water company Vitens has in recent days ended their contract with the Israeli water corporation Merekot, which it had only just signed. Ostensibly to ensure Vitens 'neutrality' in the conflict. Israel is not amused and has called the Dutch ambassador to explain. A number of MEPs have tabled questions in Parliament. The question is: has the Minister of Foreign Affairs put any pressure on Vitens to discontinue the cooperation with Merekot?  (Source)

Oct. 4, 2013

Dutch Sticking to "Made in Israel" Label

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has said that products made over the 1967 Green Line will continue to be labeled “Made in Israel” in his country. Rutte delivered his comments at a press conference with the visiting President Shimon Peres on Tuesday. Rutte said the policy of demarcating Israeli products from disputed territories has not been considered in the Netherlands. In contrast, Germany has embraced plans to explicitly label all products made in the disputed territories. Writing in a June opinion article in The Jerusalem Post, Germany’s ambassador to Israel, Andreas Michaelis, defended labeling Israeli products made in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. (...) Rutte’s statement appears to supersede the comments made by his foreign minister, Frans Timmermans, who called for the label “Made in Israel” to be removed from products manufactured on the Golan Heights and in east Jerusalem and the West Bank. The German Green Party has aggressively campaigned this year in the Bundestag to impose a label on Israeli products. (Source)

Aug. 1, 2013

Dutch Newspaper 'Invents' Boycott of Israeli Products

On July 23 we reported a Dutch newspaper claimed that a number of food chains announced boycotting products from the Jewish settlements. All three are now on the record, denying the claim. Looks like the boycott was only happening in the imagination of the newspaper.  (Source)

July 27, 2013

Israel Retaliating Against EU decree

Defense Minister Ya'alon limits EU projects in West Bank and Gaza in response to the EU's new settlement guidelines. Israel will  halt cooperation on the ground with EU representatives. This is what officials of the Ministry of Defense have declared to the German agency ADP. Ya'alon has ordered the IDF not to cooperate any longer with EU representatives. According to Haaretz this pertains only to EU officials. Not those of individual member states. 

July 24, 2013

EU Speechless Over Turkish and Moroccan Occupations

We made the point of the Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus, which has been going on now for almost 40 years without any meaningful objection on the part of the EU. Frank Berkemeijer is adding another: the ongoing occupation and exploitation of Western Sahara by Morocco.  (Source (Dutch))

July 23, 2013

The Legal Merits of the EU Boycott

A European Union boycott of financial dealings with Jews in the biblical West Bank, Golan Heights and eastern Jerusalem was fully coordinated with the Obama administration, a senior Palestinian negotiator told WND. The EU published guidelines forbidding its 28 members from having any financial dealings with what it calls Jewish settlements or territories that have been “occupied” by Israel since 1967. The preface to the guidelines states “the EU does not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over … the Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including east Jerusalem … and does not consider them to be part of Israel’s territory, irrespective of their legal status under domestic law.” “Only Israeli entities having their place of establishment within Israel’s pre-1967 borders will be considered eligible as final recipients” of funding such as “grants, prizes and financial instruments.”

A high-ranking Israeli foreign ministry official told Agence France-Presse on Friday that Israel met the ambassadors of Britain and France, and Germany’s deputy ambassador to convey a message that the boycott will cause a serious crisis in diplomatic relations. On Sunday, the popular Israel Today newspaper reported that hundreds of legal experts are drafting a document to reply to the EU boycott. The legal response will reportedly state that the so-called Jewish settlements are not illegal and that the term “occupied” does not apply to those territories.

A translation of the current version of the appeal reads the EU boycott is “based on misguided and legally flawed assumptions about the status of the Israeli settlements and the validity of the 1967 lines as Israel’s borders.” Continues the document: “The EU’s definition of Judea and Samaria as ‘Palestinian territories’ or ‘occupied territories’ is devoid of any legal or factual merit. The area was never defined as such [under international law] and therefore the EU’s continuous use of this terminology undermines the negotiations for a permanent [peace] deal. … The EU’s perception of the Israeli settlements’ illegality stems from various different interpretations of international law.” (Source)

Dutch Food Chain Denies Israeli Settlements Boycott

The Dutch branch of a German grocery outlet, Aldi is denying that it refuses to sell products from the Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. Aldi apparently "misinformed aid organizations" who included the information in a report. Aldi is not interested in political or religious issues, the chain said in a statement in answer to a newspaper article which claimed that Aldi and two other local food chains (Jumbo and Hoogvliet) are refusing to sell products from the Jewish settlements.  (Source (Dutch)

July 20, 2013

Secret EU Decree is Cover for Jew Hatred

UPDATE: Hamas: No Negotiating with the 'Occupation' (Source) H/t Metzada8388

UPDATE: Israeli banks may lose access to large loans under new EU rule on occupied lands (Source)

July 18, 2013

An as yet secret decree issued by the European Commission will make financial cooperation impossible as of next year with organizations and about half a million Israelis living on the West Bank, the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem and the strip between the Green  Line and the West Bank.

The colonies in these areas are internationally considered illegal and an impediment to peace to boot. The territories were conquered by Israel after it was viciously attacked by its Muslim neighbors. They have been paying for their defeat with the occupation of these areas. For Israel it's an existential matter. 

According to the decree contracts between the EU and Israel will from next year contain a clause stipulating that the 'colonies' are not part of the State of Israel. This policy - even before the Palestinians have declared their agreement to negotiate peace - will make these talks more difficult than ever (see updates). 

The essentially anti Jewish nature of EU policy is evidenced by the fact that Turkey has been occupying the northern half of Cyprus for decades, without anyone raising any meaningful objections! This is the real illegal occupation.

The European Commission's decree is apparently not on principle. It's directed against Israel specifically.