Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Postmodern Elite Kills Online Privacy With Internet ID

The Dutch Government is proposing the introduction of an Internet ID system. Regulation will be implemented in the EU first and later in the US and the rest of the world

The introduction of an Internet ID system was adopted as a major point of policy at the 2012 Bilderberg Conference. Bilderberg has since merged with Google BT.

At the initiative of the Junior Minister, Martin Van Rijn @mjrijn the Dutch coalition government of Liberals and Socialists is currently investigating what new avenues of tyranny might be opened up with the introduction of an ID system for the Internet. And what would be a better cover than a good cause? 

"We don't want minors to be able to buy alcoholic beverages at web shops", writes Van Rijn in a letter to Parliament. Current age verifications can easily be circumvented. Minors will buy all sorts of stuff, from booz, to cigaretttes, games and beyond. The electronic passport will put a stop to all that!

The Obama regime has shelved its plans for the moment, but that's just for now! The regulation of the Internet has been adopted at the 2012 Bilderberg Conference as a major point of policy. The take over of the free Internet by the state is just a matter of time.

Dutch Socialist Party members have been attending every Bilderberg meeting for the last 40 years. Vice PM Asscher commented only this year that attending Bilderberg is "in the national interest".

The EU commissioner for Digital Regulation, Neelie Kroes, showing up annually at Bilderberg since 2005, is introducing legislation she hopes will force harmonization across EU member states. Infowars:
This big brother system will be implemented in Europe first and later pushed in North America and the remainder of the globe, as the world is nudged step by step towards a total cashless control grid in the name of 'safe, verifiable commerce,' and of course, in the name of 'security'.
Or in the name of preventing minors from buying booz.

Google's Big Tent has recently merged with Bilderberg (2013 live blog) to coordinate the development of emerging regulations, new Internet laws and treaties, and data mining efforts of the clandestine intelligence communities.