Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nigel Farage: "There is a Gathering Electoral Storm"

The latest inescapable truth by the MEP for UKIP,  who is eyed by many euro skeptics with envy, Nigel Farage

Debate in the EuroParl on July 2, 2013. Keep watching. UKIP's turned out an entire playlist. 

Here's the thing with the questions posed by the smug MEP Mr Daul: 

One of the great European 'values' is mob rule. Fine! But then you have to be consistent. The referendums on the Lisbon Treaty held in France and the Netherlands were considered null and void. The Irish had to vote until they 'got it right'. There's in fact just one standard in the EU: opportunism.

The second point made by the smug Mr Daul is a lie that has been pushed EU-wide for donkey's years: that politicians, in order to be able to work in Brussels, have to be pro European! In other words, euro skeptic citizens have no right to be represented.

Is it any wonder citizens see the EU for what it is: a fledgling dictatorship?