Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meet Ippo, the Super Cute Baby Zonkey (VIDEO)

An animal reserve in Italy is the proud owner of a rare foal, the mix between a zebra and a donkey, born a few days ago

Bronies, eat your heart out! Zonkhoof! 

The zonkey called Ippo is in great health.

The baby zonkey is the offspring of an endangered donkey breed and a zebra that was adopted by the animal center after it was confiscated from a failing zoo. The zebra was so enamored with the rare donkey he jumped his protective fence and made sweet love to the endangered donkey.

The coupling has resulted in the seriously cute hybrid called Ippo. "Ippo is the only one of his kind in Italy," said Serena Aglietti, a member of the family that runs the animal reserve. Reportedly there are other zonkeys in Germany, China and Georgia.

Many of the animals adopted by the Florence animal reserve run by the Aglietti family have been seized by police from private zoos throughout Italy, including a camel, parrots and a racehorse that was destined to be butchered.