Sunday, July 21, 2013

Is America Still a Force for the Good?

The US is trying to sustain its hegemony and global support for the dollar through trade deals. Not every country thinks the US will be successful.'s Greg Hunter goes One-on-One with the Reagan Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts.

The Obama regime is trying to sustain the Pax Americana through 'trade deals' with Europe and Asian countries (minus China). This shouldn't be a problem since the US is a force for the good. Individual rights are central to the philosophy of Liberty.

However, as Obama is bringing the US closer to the European collectivist model, this can no longer be an automatic assumption. The US is admittedly still morally superior to autocrats like China or Russia, but we have to watch this very carefully. Particularly since laws and morality mean nothing to Obama and his team of postmodernist Czars.

And as Paul Craig Roberts points out, globally there is no counter weight to the bullyish lawlessness, and the ideological and political recklessness of this administration. 

Economically the US policy is the save the dollar. Dr. Roberts points out, "China is importing a tremendous amount of gold. They seem to not have much confidence in the longevity of American plans." Even so, a dollar crash might be pushed back. Dr. Roberts contends, "They can put that off for a long time if these various schemes work." And if they don't work? Roberts says, "Well, there's going to be a big blowup. I think there will be a big blowup anyhow."

Very interesting insights! Paul Craig Roberts Home Page

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