Saturday, July 27, 2013

Instilling Jew Hatred at UN West Bank 'Summer Camp'

UNRWA, an United Nations organization, is contributing to the indoctrination of Palestinian children in order to keep the hatred alive

"Education" and "summer camp" on your behalf, provided by the UNRWA. 

In the past the UNRWA has proved itself highly politicized. It is currently contributing to the indoctrination of some tender souls, the descendents of Palestinian refugees dating back to 1948, so as to keep the hatred alive. This is the reason why, after almost 70 years, there is an intractable 'Palestinian problem' and semi permanent 'Palestinian refugee camps'. The video is showing what constitutes education and summer camp in the language of this United Nations organization. 

While national governments are struggling to cope with sovereign debts, this controversial organization is keeping up the spending. The voluntary contribution of the Netherlands in 2012 was 15 million euros. Here the Financial Updates portal.

Lest we engage in historical revisionism, here a video reminder how Israel was created.

It will also be a great consolation to the EU, which is UNWRA's main sponsor, that its monies are spent on child friendy projects.The various activities during the "fun camp" in any case are in line with the idea of the new European guidelines regarding Israel as of 2014.

There should be no surprise the 'peace process' is doomed to fail

(Source) H/t @Metzada3833