Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Angry Bulgarians Besiege Parliament

Who knew? Since the beginning of June tens of thousands of middle class protesters have taken to the streets of Sofia, demanding the resignation of Bulgaria’s socialist-led government

They are demanding the government steps down over structural corruption, the appointment of mafiosi and the revival of communist modi operandi.

UPDATE: Protesters trapped officials inside hours before during an anti-government demonstration. Anti-riot police forced their way through a make-shift barricade before the parliament building in Sofia overnight. Within two hours, the authorities transported the roughly 109 ministers, lawmakers and journalists trapped inside to a safe location, according to Bulgarian state radio and an AFP photographer on site.
Clashes erupted when police attempted to escort officials from the building in a bus. Protesters threw bottles and stones at the vehicle, while some sat in front of it blocking its path amid shouts of "Mafia!" and "Resign!" and "Red Garbage!" Police in riot gear tried to push the protesters back in an attempt to clear a path. Local television broadcast the clashes live, showing several wounded protesters and one injured policeman.
Protesters had intended to keep up the blockade until their demands had been met. Up to 10,000 Bulgarians have taken to the streets of Sofia daily since June 14 in a bid to oust the left-leaning government. (Source)

July 5, 2013

Bulgarian Middle Class Protesting For 21 Days

UPDATE: Protests Sweep Bulgaria As Government Collapses Amid Chaos