Tuesday, July 16, 2013


UPDATE: An article written by Spiegel has turned up, in which she expresses her growing fear of being kidnapped. Until recently these abductions were "relatively innocent, perpetrated by tribesmen to extort the government". "But the government recently changed policy and is no longer willing to pay up. So they re-sell the captured to Al Qaeda". She'd also hate to be the subject of a catch 22: should a government pay up and in so doing stimulate the abduction industry? "Hasn't the government advised against travelling to Yemen?" Judith Spiegel betrays the European slave mentality, in which self defense is limited to "kicking and screaming". Apparently it never entered her mind to arm herself, living as she does in one of the most dangerous parts of the world. Read Judith Spiegel's article here or auto-translate with Google. H/T @KoenVenekamp

Boudewijn Berendsen and Judith Spiegel have been abducted in Yemen. They had been missing since June 7. Mrs Spiegel is a correspondent for a number of news outlets

Video of Berendsen and Spiegel posted on YouTube.com on July 13.

Translation after the jump.

Judith Spiegel and her husband disappeared after they left their home in Sanaa on June 7. A spokesman for the Netherlands Foreign Office has declined to comment. They have said they are 'on the job'. In the video Berendsen and Spiegel are calling on the Dutch people to put pressure on the government to start doing something, or they'll be killed in 10 days' time.

UPDATE: Translation from our commenter @Kromst:

"I am Boudewijn Berendsen..and I am Judith Spiegel and we have been kidnapped in Yemen .. and we are in deep trouble. In the beginning we spoke to the Ambassador and explained to him the conditions for our release, but until now nothing has been done. No progress. Back then we gave them 10 days to resolve this issue. No results. Once more ten days have been given. After which they will shoot us.
After this they plead family, government and people in general for help. To please DO SOMETHING"

UPDATE: The International Federation of Journalists have condemned the kidnapping.