Monday, July 15, 2013

4 EU Foreign Ministers Calling For New World Order

Four of Europe's most prominent and influential progressives have said last month during the Wroclaw Global Forum, that the world will not wait for Europe to unite

Carl Bildt, Radek Sikorski , Emma Bonino and José Manuel García have called on the EU to unite and become a global player in a new strategy for the 21st century

The New World Order isn't waiting for anyone! Four of Europe's leading foreign ministers, Sweden's Carl Bildt, Radek Sikorski of Poland, Emma Bonino, foreign minister of Italy and Spain's José Manuel García have called on the European Union to unite and prepare a new global strategy for the 21st century, renewing a call for the US to have a credible relationship of equals.

Critics have derided the statement as delusional. It comes amid British moves to call a referendum on leaving the EU entirely, the ongoing crisis in the eurozone, and skeptics deriding the modern European project as "dead man walking". There is a growing sense of euro skepticism among the citizens and the voters. The ministers' statement said:
"The famous question posed by Henry Kissinger, the former US national security adviser and secretary of state, about the dialing code for Europe has, by now, by and large, been answered. Not that there is necessarily only one connection from the switchboard in Brussels, but at least the telephone number for Europe is in place."
Poland's Radek Sikorski caused controversy last year by accusing Britain of falling victim to "false consciousness" in its reluctance to move towards a United States of Europe model for the EU. Critics, in Poland and Britain, were shocked a former anti-communist activist from the Solidarity movement adopted Marxist vocabulary to support an EU project.

Former diplomats described the plan as "unreal" and "fantastical". "These people are so behind the times: the EU is dead man walking; maybe a long appeals process, as in the real American death penalty process; but it's clearly all going to end with a horrible finality."

That is certainly not how the four foreign ministers see the EU and it's role as a global player. The progressive march in the new world order isn't waiting for anyone, in their view. What progressive always fail to understand, it that people shape the future, not overpaid politicians with God delusions.