Saturday, December 28, 2013

Egypt: On the Brink of Chaos

The Egyptian people brought their country back from the brink after disastrous government by the Muslim Brotherhood, who have not yet given up on establishing Islamic rule


UPDATE: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood movement has signed a pact with the al-Qaeda-affiliated radical Salafi organization Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, which claimed responsibility last week for a terror attack in the city of Mansoura, security sources told the London-based Arabic-language al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper. According to the sources, the Muslim Brotherhood has an alliance with another al-Qaeda-affiliated organization. Meanwhile, senior Muslim Brotherhood member Ibrahim Al-Sayed said the Egyptian government's decision to declare the movement a terror organization was meaningless and would not harm the movement. (Source)

Oct. 7, 2013

Dozens Dead After Pro Morsi Protests

Large crowds gathered nationwide yesterday to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Egypt's 1973 war with Israel. Supporters of former president Mohammed Morsi, deposed in a July 3rd military takeover, also rallied in support of their leader and the democratic process they believe he embodies. Violence quickly broke out in Cairo, where at least 45 anti-coup protesters were killed during chaotic battles with the security services. In Delga, 190 miles south of the capital, medical sources told Reuters that police fired live rounds into a crowd of Morsi supporters, killing five. The state news agency also reported that 25 members of the Muslim Brotherhood had been arrested in the Nile Delta province of Qulubiya. The group, it claimed, were in possession of 51 hand grenades. Egypt's military-backed authorities have embarked on a sweeping crackdown against Morsi supporters and other dissenting voices since the coup. They argue that the Muslim Brotherhood presents a militant threat, and must be fought through a "war on terror". (Source)

Sept. 5, 2013

Home Minister Survives Bomb Attack

The Egyptian Home Minister, Mohamed Ibrahim survived an attempt on his life today. At least ten people were injured when a bomb exploded near his home. Four officers are in critical condition, six policemen and nine civilians were injured - among them a British woman. Security sources says explosive in car was detonated by remote control. Prosecutors at the scene of explosion say three bombs were used. The explosive car was on the side of the road and a remote control was used to detonate it. Prosecution at the scene say 50kgs of explosives spread 15 meters, destroying 12 cars, 5 of which belonging to the Home Minister. Store fronts also destroyed. 

August 24, 2013

Interview With Spokesman of General Al Sisi

Ehab Badawi, Spokesman of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the man behind Egypt's latest military coup, is on a mission to rebrand Egypt post-revolution and spoke to i24news in an exclusive interview. Watch it here

22 aug. 2013

White House Jokes About Worst Anti Christian Violence in 700 Years

While White House’s deputy press secretary today downplayed Muslim attacks on Christians in Egypt, joking about the savagery that has left at least six Christians dead, an Egyptian Christian, who is a research fellow at an institute for religious freedom in the U.S, says last week's attacks on Christian churches and believers in Egypt are the worst in 700 years and believes Western media has not covered the chaos accurately. "Egypt has not witnessed this size of an attack on Christians, on churches [current reports of up to 50 churches damaged or destroyed] since 1321," said Samuel Tadros, a research fellow at the Hudson Institute's Center for Religious Freedom, to The Christian Post on Tuesday. Tadros said the news of these attacks has been stifled by confused coverage rather than intentional Western media bias appearing to support the Muslim Brotherhood. Since the violence that included hundreds of deaths on August 14, many Christians including the Coptic Orthodox Church, have denounced the news coverage. Also, the scholar argued that foreign journalists have a tendency to focus on events in the capital, Cairo, rather than those throughout the region. (Source)

Egypt State Radio: Mubarak Arrived at Military Hospital

Former President Hosni Mubarak was flown from prison to a nearby hospital on Thursday, officials said, after judicial authorities ordered his release from jail. A medical helicopter was seen departing from Tora prison on the southern outskirts of Cairo. It landed minutes later at a military hospital in the nearby suburb of Maadi.

Aug. 20, 2013

Saudis Warn West Over Stance on Egypt

The leaking last night by the Obama admin of the information that it has 'covertly suspended aid to Egypt', has reached the Saudis. They are not amused at all! The White House meanwhile has been walking back the story which was meant for Democrat internal consumption: 

In a blunt warning to countries critical of the Egyptian military crackdown and considering suspending aid, longstanding U.S. ally Saudi Arabia suggested that the decisions they make now will have long-term consequences for their relationships in the Arab and Muslim world. Saudi Arabia has led the way in supporting the Egyptian military’s actions, first in removing the Muslim Brotherhood administration early last month and in its subsequent steps against supporters of the ousted Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi. Its warning came as policymakers in the U.S. and Europe mull the question of continuing financial assistance to Cairo following the violence in recent days, in which more than 1,000 people have been killed in clashes between security forces and Morsi supporters. (Source)

MusBro Egypt Name Interim Supreme Leader

The Muslim Brotherhood has named an interim leader to head the group after its leader was arrested Tuesday. "Mahmoud Ezzat, deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, will assume the role of supreme leader of the group on a temporary basis.  (Source)

Aug. 20, 2013


The office of Sen. Patrick 'Leaky' Leahy (D-VT), the head of the Appropriations State and Foreign Operations Subcommittee, told The Daily Beast on Monday that military aid to Egypt has been temporarily cut off. “[Senator Leahy’s] understanding is that aid to the Egyptian military has been halted, as required by law,” said David Carle, a spokesman for Leahy.

The U.S. government has decided privately to act as if the military takeover of Egypt was a coup, temporarily suspending most forms of military aid, despite deciding not to announce publicly a coup determination one way or the other, according to a leading U.S. senator. In the latest example of its poorly understood Egypt policy, the Obama administration has decided to temporarily suspend the disbursement of most direct military aid, the delivery of weapons to the Egyptian military, and some forms of economic aid to the Egyptian government while it conducts a broad review of the relationship. The administration won’t publicly acknowledge all aspects of the aid suspension and maintains its rhetorical line that no official coup determination has been made, but behind the scenes, extensive measures to treat the military takeover of Egypt last month as a coup are being implemented on a temporary basis. (Source)

  • Twitter rumor: One of neighbors in same building recognized Sabie sneaking in and passed the information on to the authorities

Pictures of the Supreme Leader of the Egyptian Musbro, Moh. Badie in custody

Aug. 19, 2013

Terror leader calling for Jihad Against the State

Abu Hafs al Maqdisi, the leader of the Gaza-based Jaish al Ummah (Army of the Nation), today called on Egyptians to wage "jihad" against Egyptian army commander General Abdul Fattah el Sisi. Al Maqdisi, who was released from a Hamas prison in December, also called on Egyptians to overthrow "the tyrant" (el Sisi) and establish an Islamic state. In addition, al Maqdisi said he hoped that one of el Sisi's bodyguards would kill him. Al Maqdisi further stated, according to press reports, that although Jaish al Ummah does not currently coordinate with any Salafist groups in Egypt, it is prepared to work with any Muslims who are prepared to implement sharia, or Islamic law. (Source)

Aug. 16, 2013

Score After MusBro Day of Rage

Violent clashes leave 91 dead and scores injured across Egypt as Muslim Brotherhood's 'march of anger' meets police and armed vigilantes firing live ammunition

  • Over 90 people dead across Egypt after Friday's protests 
  • Morsi supporters and vigilante residents exchanged fire in Cairo 
  • Thousands of Brotherhood supporters converged on Ramses Square 
  • Attack on Cairo police station saw armed police fire at Morsi men 
  • Gunfire heard over main Cairo overpass and police also fire tear gas 
  • Egyptian army soldiers pictured around capital on armored vehicles 
  • Official death toll from Wednesday's massacre in Cairo come to 638 


Why the Media Is Not Reporting What's Happening in Egypt

"The Main Stream Media is too afraid of reporting what's really happening in the Islamic world" says Brooke Goldstein, Director of the Lawfare Project, as she exposes the many attacks against Christians issued by members of the MusBro.
  • A police station was attacked, shot at and torched; and a crew of ONtv has been assaulted on the MB day of rage. Al Hayat TV says several political parties urge state institutions to consider MB as a terrorist organization in light of these events.
  • Egyptian authorities were forced to clear the squares occupied by those calling for the reinstatement of ousted president Morsi, ''especially after arsenals of weapons and mass graves containing the bodies of people dead for weeks and bearing signs of torture were found in the immense camps,'' ANSAmed was told by Egyptian ambassador to Rome, Amr Helmy. Images of mass graves and corpses found in the Cairo camps of Morsi supporters have gone viral online, as has evidence of torture attributed to the Muslim Brotherhood. A video showing the mass graves is found on the site of the television station El Balad ( (Source)
Photo's of "Bloody Wednesday" by Zeinobia's blog.

Dr. Walid Phares says that mass graves of Egyptian Coptic Christians have been found and are not being reportedby the media. There really is no way to confirm this but I will be covering Egypt all day today and will keep an eye out for any kind of confirmation of this. -Mort (Source)

Aug. 15, 2013

Document Links MusBro to Torched Churches

The Official Website of the freedom & Justice Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, in Helwan, Cairo, has published this article on 14 August 2013, which incite its followers to torch churches. This directly links the Muslim Brotherhood to yesterday's crimes against the Copts in which 52 churches were torched across Egypt, in Minya, Asyut, Sohag, Suez and Fayum, in addition to so many social services facilities such as schools and orphanages. In addition, several Coptic businesses were ransacked. Many Copts were murdered. (Source) (analysis) Ht @metzada3833

This list of torched churches, schools, libraries and abducted priests is a work in progress. It is not final by any means. H/t @MCTSamuel.

Yesterday's hayhem leaves the world in utter moral confusion:
Every confused leftist and democrat is attacking the military for defending the state, while lamenting the loss of life among the Islamist barbarians. Obama is mad as hell, scraps military exercises with Egypt.

Aug. 14, 2013


Not everyone seems to get it. Here's some evidence what security personnel is up against with the Morsi followers: 43 of them are dead! These isn't rioting, it's war

List of Coptic churches, libraries and school torched by Morsi's MusBros

Obama White House rips into emergency law, silent about MusBros suicide pact, genocidal campaign against Christians (Source)
  • Days ago, al-Qaeda’s Egyptian leader, Ayman Zawahiri, portrayed the overthrow of Muhammad Morsi and the Brotherhood as a “Crusader” campaign led by Coptic Pope Tawadros II who, according to Zawahiri and other terrorists, is trying to create a Coptic state in Egypt. Since then, not only are Egypt’s Christians and churches now being attacked in ways unprecedented in the modern era, but new reports indicate that al-Qaeda’s black flag has been raised on some of them, specifically St. George Church in Sohag. Considering that it was al-Qaeda linked terrorists who initiated one of the bloodiest church attacks in recent history, the 2010 Baghdad church attack where nearly 60 Christians were slaughtered (click here for graphic images), that al-Qaeda is singling out Egypt’s Christians bodes ill. (Source)

The National Salvation Front has said in a statement today that today's violence dealt a blow to the "international conspiracies" that tried imposing religious rule on Egypt. For clarity: they mean the MusBros premeditated cult suicide we witnessed today. 
Confirmed: @ElBaradei has resigned from his post as vice president of the interim government as he can't bear the responsibility for decisions he disagrees with.
State of emergency imposed for a month as of 10 AM this morning. Curfew will start at 8 PM l.t.! 

Numbers of those killed varied greatly, from 56 according to the Associated Press, 30 according to Reuters, 43 according to Al Arabiya and 94 according to Al Jazeera, which is widely seen in the region as being pro-Muslim Brotherhood. The numbers of casualties were expected to change as the day developed and more accurate information could be gleaned. Thousands had been protesting against the interim government, demanding that Morsi be returned to office. Two reporters were said to be among those killed: Mick Deane, a reporter for Britain’s Sky News, was shot dead, and Habiba Ahmed Abd Elaziz, a Dubai-based reporter for the United Arab Emirates XPRESS. Egypt’s state news agency reported two security officers were killed by gunfire during the clashes. (Source)

Security Forces Clear MusBro 'Sit Ins'

The media and Western politicians have constructed their own reality. In their minds there is such a construct as the 'moderate, secular Muslim Brotherhood'. No sooner did the blood start flowing this morning or the 'evil military' did 'everything wrong' in attacking the sit ins (why not call it occupations?). It's a reflex: the military are evil by definition, the MusBros the good guys, simply because they were democratically elected, or historically oppressed by pro Western tyrants, or what have you. It's a moral standard that has been leading them astray since the French Revolution. Some footage that falsifies that narrative:

Those led by perception are taken in by pictures of children being reportedly pushed to the front line by the MusBros. We know the scenes too well from Paliwood.

In the meantime in Media, Suez and Sohag, 5 churches were set ablaze 'in retaliation'. The media are not reporting since they have their eyes on the perceived 'victims'.
Security forces moved early on the morning of 14 August to clear two protest camps outside Cairo's Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque and in Nahda Square in the west of the city. Tear gas was used to disperse protesters and bursts of gunfire have been also heard. Armoured bulldozers were also used to clear the camps. Many are reported to have been killed in the operation. The Muslim Brotherhood, which organizes the protests, put the number of casualties in the hundreds. (Photos)

Continued on Live Blog Egypt Part I


The democracy narrative behind the Arab Spring is a gross simplification of reality. As we have discussed many times in these pages democracy, meaning the right to vote, is not self governance or a limited government. Nor is it a guarantee for a civil society, or the rule of law.

That is reversing the process. The right to vote is merely the cherry on the cake. The body of a democratic society are the institutions build by the citizens: an education and an information system, a code of negative rights that tells the government what it cannot do, and an objective code of law on the basis of individual rights.

The Arab Spring is the product of democracy fundamentalists and egalitarian nihilists who merely exchanged a secular dictatorship with something worse, a Islamofascist tyranny by the spawn of the Muslim Brotherhood.

There are indications this was precisely the intention of the West, under the leadership of Obama's Democrat Party. It unites Sunni Islamic allies, as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the West itself against the Shiia group, made up by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah led by Russia (and to a lesser extent, China).

This is what we currently see playing out in Syria's barbaric proxy war. It is also seen by the peoples of the region as the realignment of powers of the different groups. It doesn't bode well for minorities. Iraq is also on the brink of civil war.

A new narrative by Western politicians and their lap dog media talks of 'moderate Muslims' who are our supposed partners for democracy and peace. It has since become clear who these 'moderates' are. They are the Muslim Brotherhood and with Al Qaeda associated groups like Al Nusra (exclusive interview). Their moderation is non-existent, but serves to distinguish them from their Shiite foes, who are the 'evil extremists'.

Fact of the matter is, the West has no bone in this inter-islamic fight. Both sides are equally evil and neither deserves our support.

It is now becoming clear that the present situation in Egypt is no longer tenable. This is what happened to the country since the Muslim Brotherhood took power under the cover of 'democracy':

  • Crime is at an unprecedented level. 
  • Homicide rates have tripled since 2011. 
  • Armed robberies have risen from 233 in 2010 to 2807 in 2012. 
  • Police protect the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters around the clock while residents believe they will get no aid if they call for help. 
  • Beat cops carry decades old firearms or refuse to go armed for fear of being robbed. 
  • Officers handpicked by the Muslim Brotherhood get state-of-the-art hardware and double the pay. 
  • The Muslim Brotherhood allows a black market for illegal gun sales to thrive openly in outdoor markets. 
  • Social services has completely broken down. 
  • Even though Egypt discusses selling electricity to Gaza, Cairo itself is subject to frequent blackouts and some have no electricity at all. 
  • Tourism in Cairo is almost non-existent. Traffic jams cost the nation 4% of its GDP. 
  • The city faces frequent gasoline shortages and long lines when fuel is available. 
  • 50,000 homeless youths roam the city and are forced to beg or steal to survive. Overall, the WHO estimates there are 1 million homeless children in Egypt. 
  • Drug use is rampant and easily available. 
  • President Morsi has declared that no court can overturn his decisions. 
  • The Muslim Brotherhood has proposed lowering the age of legal marriage to 13. 
  • Desperate parents sell children for as little as $450 to foreigners.

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