Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Obama Wants Power Without Moral Leadership

The diplomatic spat about whistleblower Edward Snowden is showing Obama what it means to be the President of a super state of diminished power

Obama has shredded the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which chains the rights of the government.

The diplomatic spat around whistleblower Edward Snowden is confronting Obama with the fact that you can either have leadership, power and leverage, or reduce a country to the status of a banana republic; you can't have both.

The moral role reversal came today to completion, as Russia's Putin says no to U.S. request to extradite Snowden. Snowden is apparently still in the transit area of Moscow Sheremetyevo airport.

Putin is respecting the rule of law, while the Obama regime is demanding he shreds it, because he, the Obama, president of the formerly great United States, is saying so. It's a memorable day! But it isn't unexpected.

The postmodern, anti American Obama government is finding out that power isn't a thing in itself. Leadership and respect are the result of holding values and having the will and the fire power to back it up.

Obama, from the day of coming to power, has been deconstructing the greatest country on earth because from the culturally Marxist perspective he is coming from, Pax Americana equals Imperialism.

Here's the fall out, so far:
Obama has willfully destroyed the US leadership of the Free World, but he is expecting to keep the result of that status: power. Power to Obama is a thing in itself, so he has never coupled values, integrity and will into a single concept.

It will be an awful sight to behold, as the gloves are coming off as frustration is mounting.