Friday, June 28, 2013

No Arab Spring, But the 2nd Islamic World War

The Muslim world is preparing for a massive war of Sunnis against Shiites and Christians. Kurds, Druze and Bahais should also prepare for cleansings

Syria is already the battlefield of a proxy war between Shiite Iran, and the Sunni camp led by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt. 

The Arab Spring has changed the Middle East forever. But not like many think. For reasons best known to themselves Western media hardly ever present the situation as it truly is. This strategic enormity is still being sold to the gullible public as 'democratization'. Secular dictators, more or less sympathetic to liberty and the West, were replaced by theocratic tyrants led by various emanations of the Muslim Brotherhood under the cover of democracy (watch the video who the MB, or the Ikhwan really is). But that's not the only thing. 

The 'civil war' in Syria is the template for a new wave of violence that may last for years. The Muslim world is preparing for a massive war of Sunnis against Shiites and Christians. The Kurds, Druze and Bahais in Iran should also prepare for wars of extermination or at least expulsion. 

Other members of the Muslim Ummah are the main victims of this violence, that terrorism expert Barry Rubin, defines as the the Second Arab World War*. In an article with that title he offers as an example an 'incident' that happened on June 23 in which Egyptian Sunni Muslims slaughtered a tiny minority of thirty Shiites in the village of Zawiyat Abu Muslim near Cairo.

Shiites are a very small minority in Egypt of less than one percent. But the same is true of real Shiites in Syria, who live near the border with Lebanon. Alawites are just as Shia as the Pope. Hezbollah has entered the war in Syria on their behalf. 

On June 23, a Islamic holiday, a Shiite cleric, Hassan Shehata attended a meeting in the village of Zawiyat Abu Muslim. The guests were beaten up, five houses were torched and four people were murdered. Shehata, an inoffensive and apolitical cleric was stabbed to death and dragged through the streets.

The perpetrators were ordinary villagers. The attack wasn't spontaneous, but well planned. The victims weren't violent or provocative. They were killed for their ideas. The villagers were proud of what they had done. The government and the police did nothing to stop the violence, they are on the side of the murderers. A minority should not expect any protection. The police unceremoniously piled the victims in a show of contempt. 

A Salafi broadcaster and Salafi websites lauded the murderers and accused Shehata of having insulted the Prophet. Minorities can be falsely charged with defamation and be killed with impunity. The government does not denounce the crime and killers won't be arrested. 
  • An important principle in Islamic states is that the government, in other words, the so-called 'moderate' Muslim Brotherhood, gives militant Salafi gangs free reign as long as they are supportive of the government.
  • In an Islamic state minorities are not protected, no matter how often it is denied
  • Since this is such explosive stuff, the Western mass media and institutions put the main emphasis on playing it down on the off-chance that…what? Will Western citizens go burn down houses and stab their Muslim neighbors? They assume that their audiences must be kept in ignorance lest they turn to prejudice and hatred. Even admitting that the Western track record is better than the Middle East skirts racism. Heaven forbid that Western civilization regard itself as more advanced.
But don't doubt the ferocity of this conflict. Syria already is the battlefield of a proxy war between on the one hand Shia Iran, and the other the Sunni camp led by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and to a lesser extent, Egypt. 
  • A Hamas leader has even said that defeating the regime in Syria takes higher priority over the liberation of Palestine. Of course they know very well that regime change in Syria means a step forward in the Jihad against Israel, but he is not supposed to say that. It shows the hatred and antagonism against their fellow Muslims.
A report of the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center states:
"The depth of the Sunni-Shi’ite schism can be seen in all the major arenas where regional conflicts are being waged. It is reflected in Hezbollah’s growing involvement in the fighting in Syria, the spilling over of the Syrian civil war into Lebanon, record-breaking sectarian violence in Iraq, and the aggressive stance taken by the Persian Gulf states towards Iran and Hezbollah. Thus, the Sunni-Shi’ite schism is emerging as one of the most influential factors shaping the Middle East in a time of regional upheaval."
The Shia have their own hatred. The report continues:
"The meaning of that escalation is that, ideologically speaking, the fight against the Shi’a (and its representatives, Iran and Hezbollah) takes precedence over the fight against the West and Israel—although it does not mean that the fight will necessarily be backed by actual on-the-ground efforts. This coincides with the political and social reality brought about by the regional upheaval: a widening of the fundamental fault lines that run through the Arab and Muslim world..
Here's Rubin's article about a recent report issued by a Muslim Brotherhood think tank, which confirms this analysis.

Yes, that is the fruit of the 'Arab Spring'. Not as the Western sorcerer’s apprentices' expected love, peace, and democracy but the rise of Islamism and the Sunni-Shia war. 

Something has essentially changed in the region. 

The coming decades we should forget dreams about a new era of peace and democracy. There will be many villages like Zawiyat Abu Muslim. Anyone who is sensible will avoid the wreckage and send out the lifeboats. 

* Arab World War One was the nationalist era’s equivalent of today’s battle,what Malcolm Kerr called the Arab Cold War of the 1950s and 1960s between the radical nationalists and the more conservative traditionalist forces.