Thursday, June 20, 2013

IDENTITAIRE: Anti-Islam, but also Ethno-Collectivism

Read the FAQ from the official Identitaire site (use google translate) to find out why we label this new movement this way. We will follow up with a deeper 'ism' analysis shortly

Identitaire: national determinism against immigration, Islam and the multicultural philosophy of the Leftist babyboom generation of the sixties.

In a piece by the Dutch author and blogger Joost Niemoller about a fairly new, originally French youth movement (video above), named Identitaire, 'the nation' is pitted against a bag full of complaints:  mass immigration, Islam, economic austerity that is destroying the European welfare model and the multicultural philosophy of the spoiled, Leftist babyboom generation of the sixties.

Niemoller himself improves (a little) on this hotchpotch when he drags feminist group, Femen and women's rights into the equation. But we don't want minority rights, what we need is individual rights! We don't want to replace one group supremacy with another!

Identitaire is right in stressing the importance of monoculturalism, but is simply wrong in making ethnicity man's common determining denominator. Man is not determined by the nation or society, but by free will.

The birth place of Identitaire is also the country of the Romantic period, which championed man's volition as no other. It is therefore a pity Identitaire didn't take a page from the Romantic novel, but instead adopted Rousseau's agrarianism, that is guilty of the crime of separating morality from economic activities.

Indeed Identitaire see America, the country of the holistic approach to morality, as a rival and is looking down on its perceived 'simplicity'. This is probably why Identitaire do not even consider the philosophy of Liberty as a viable option. Which is a pity because Liberty consists in individualism leading to the monoculture of racially blind melting pot. This is the dominant monoculture we are looking for. 

As was to be expected the Left pounced instantly on the 'nation' paradigm, labelling it 'extreme right'. While there is nothing extreme or right about it, Identitaire falls most certainly into the category of ethnic determinism. But do the left have a moral right to condemn it, when their own philosophy rests on the mistake of determinism by the whole of society? 

As long as we make these philosophical mistakes we have no hope of saving free civilization! The basis is not hard to fathom. It is false identification, certainly (Islam is a religion, not an inherent physiology). But primarily it is thinking in collective units - whites, blacks, Muslims, infidels, women, nations - rather than individual man. 

When you strip man down to his very essense, DNA, gender, nationality and melanine are irrelevant trimmings. What determines his mindset and ultimately his actions, are the ideas that make up the content of his character: his morality.