Monday, June 18, 2018


As the author Robert Spencer said, much of the vicious criticism against Tommy Robinson can be attributed to class bigotry. Many of the postmodern elites didn't have to grow up in inner city slums. Those who don't reach their level of white privilege, were often abused and displaced by a hostile, alien culture. The British police state has finally put Tommy behind bars while gagging the media to report about it.

UPDATE: Raheem Kassam has Tommy Robinson's full letter from prison (...) Before being moved from HMP Hull to HMP Onley, Tommy Robinson wrote this heart wrenching, though inspiring letter from prison. I have transcribed it below, in full, for you to read, share, and publish...
So here we go again! Its Sunday night 10/6/18, the news of the amazing scenes yesterday in London are just filtering their way to me. But before I start on the positives of yesterdays demonstration let me 1st start with some negatives. Let me share with you part of my wife's letter I received yesterday (...) I heard politicians, police and barristers were speaking out. I've heard so many people who have sat on the fence for years were now speaking out. To hear that 20-30 thousand people travelled to London this weekend to stand in solidarity with me is an amazing feeling. I truly am gobsmacked at the reaction from the public. I feel so loved!! Loved and appreciated. (more)

Free Tommy demo on July 14 at 15:00 in The Hague in parallel with a rally in London.

June 10, 2018



June 9, 2018 Geert Wilders Delivers Powerful Speech At Free Tommy Robinson Rally In London.

It is a small miracle Geert Wilders was allowed entry into the UK at all. The last time he was barred as persona non grata. Not only was he allowed entrance, he could also address the crowd at some length. Do we have a chink in their armor? Wilders thanked London Metro Police and Dutch diplomatic police for providing security detail. Wilders has 365/24/7 protection.

Massive crowds turned out in London on Saturday to rally for free speech and hear Dutch firebrand Geert Wilders demand the release of Tommy Robinson from prison. “It’s so good to see so many of you here today, you are all heroes for being here today,” said the Freedom Party leader, an outspoken critic of radical Islam who rose to second place in the Dutch national elections last year. Wilders told the crowd he had come to Britain to tell Robinson’s supporters they “will never walk alone” and to “tell the world, and the UK government in particular: Free Tommy Robinson!” “At this very moment, thousands of people all over the world are demonstrating in front of British embassies, from LA to Sydney, and over half a million people have already signed the petition for Tommy,” he told the crowd. “And all with the one important message: Free Tommy! (More) (Breitbart) (Gateway Pundit)


The protests ended with the Metropolitan police on the run! The Left has painted the protesters "Extreme Right-wing Nazis". A child can see these are just ordinary righteously outraged citizens. We have to mention it again: the British police is highly infiltrated with Common Purpose operatives. These guys gladly apply the might of the state to impose their ethics, but when it comes to actually defending their "values" they're on the run.

May 29, 2018


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Mar 16, 2015 Tommy Robinson: Oxford Union Speech.

The former leader of the EDL now tells his life's story in an Oxford Union talk. In smearing Robinson as a racist, those who hold that man is determined by DNA, culture and social environment expose themselves for the bigots they are. For most of their history these hypocrites have based their moral superiority on their championship of the lower social classes. Now that they have replaced them with Muslims, there's not so much understanding for their lack of eloquence.