Thursday, May 30, 2013

World Government is Using Iran to Destroy the West

Iran has been appointed Chair of the UN conference on disarmament

The Iranian Prime Minister Mahmoud Ahmadinjad is addressing the UN General Assembly

If the appointment of the dictator Ghadaffi as Chair of the Human Rights Commission was insane, the UN is well capable of doing even worse.

Iran has been appointed Chair of the UN Conference on Disarmament. That talking shop is occupying itself with the proliferation of nuclear arms, the arms race in space, the production of radiological weapons and the use of other weapons of mass destruction. 

These disarmament negotiations in Geneva are the world´s main forum on that subject. In the meanwhile Iran keeps developing underground nuclear sites. 

The appointment proves the UN is a world government in waiting. From its inception its progressive founders have plotted treason to liberty. Using the radical end time Muslims in Tehran as their proxy poses no problem to them at all. 

The United Nazis are the epitome of moral confusion. Iran is free to pursue its evil work. Yet Israel´s existence is threatened repeatedly, but also large parts of the West are well within reach of the mullah´s missiles.

The UN´s ultimate plans are the complete destruction of the West, as indicated by their Nazi green plan, Agenda 21.