Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wilders visits Muslim Enclave The Hague Live

Freedom Party law maker Geert Wilders - author of Marked for Death: Islam's War Against the West and Me - visited the so called Sharia Triangle today, a section of The Hague, a place some 5,000 Muslims call home. Scroll down to bottom page for more.

There are three Salafist mosques in this tiny stretch of real estate. The essence of Salafism is to live Islam like it was done by the first three generations after Mohammed. But nothing to see here people.. - politicians would have us believe - move on..!

A hate imam at one of these mosques - the As-Sounnah - became national news when he proposed to throw gays head down from tall buildings. Another, Sheikh Fawaz Jneid (Facebook page), currently associated with the Qanitun Mosque, cursed Ayaan Hirsi Ali MP with long cancer and called a 'liberal' Moroccan politician a "fish from the Maghreb". This is the Facebook page of the third mosque, El Islam.

The non Muslims we are talking about in the case, are mostly Hindus from the former Dutch colony of Surinam. In 2004 there were serious confrontations after a Hindu temple was repeatedly desecrated by Moroccan vandals (this Dutch language article speaks of terrorism).

Update: "The Freedom Party will never accept that even one centimeter of this country is ruled by barbaric Sharia Law", Wilders told the press.

Update: Wilders told the press he was in the Sharia Triangle to stress the fact that this is the Netherlands, not Saudi Arabia, Morocco or Turkey. This stretch of real estate, this quarter, belongs to us, not to them. I have seen myself how this quarter looks like. I can hardly recognize it as the Netherlands, but still it is and it should remain that way."

Update: Freedom Party twitter channel reporting the visit was stopped short because of security risks. Trying to get details.
Update: Wilders told the press, we don't recognize our country any longer. These are not our values! Wilders was hackled just before he left.

(The idea: we will not be provoked to use violence)
Police on horse back, police on bikes, and under cover police.
Atmosphere tense, but some reporters seem to think it's rather hilarious.
Law enforcement think they control the streets.
Misunderstanding about the nature of islamization abounds.
Everything is under control in the Sharia Triangle; that's exactly the problem!

Update: Wilders presently getting briefed at police station.

Update: Area teeming with journos and reporters. No sight of Wilders just yet.

UPDATE:  A reporter got marbles of 5cm in diameter thrown at him. A photographer was told in no uncertain terms to get lost to his own part of town. The Minister of Social Affairs has also descended on the area. Waiting for news of Wilders. Threats also keep poring in.

BACKGROUND INFO: Anti Islam icon Geert Wilders - author of Marked for Death: Islam's War Against the West and Me - will visit the so called Sharia Triangle today, a section of The Hague, a place some 5,000 Muslims call home. The situation is very tense and death threats are poring in. PomoNews shall be updating this live blog throughout the day as news becomes available. Here's some more background information.

newspaper article last Saturday referred to the area as "an enclave of orthodox Islam". One angle of the triangle is ominously referred to as "the point of the sword". More Muslims are concentrated in the Sharia Triangle than anywhere else in the city.

Religious rules are not limited to the front door. Religious rulings are enforced openly on the streets. Non Muslims and liberal Muslims are harassed in the streets for not complying with the religious requirements, like smoking, drinking alcohol, eating pork or immodest attire for women.

The journalist, Perdiep Ramesar @razenderamesar spoke with dozens of residents, former inhabitants, young people, volunteers, professionals and officials. Over the years they have witnessed the development of the "mini Khaliphate".

Police called to a riot or a domestic have been known to be sent off, because the residents would "take care of the problem" themselves.

A woman in a veil makes clear in no uncertain terms how this process works:
"Women in the heart of the Bible belt are also wearing long skirts and refrain from working on Sundays. The majority is calling the shots! Isn't that what so called democracy is based on? But oh my, if a group of foreigners has become the majority!"
Youth gangs have become less active in the triangle due to better law enforcement, but also because of "fear for the wrath of Allah". Even street wise thugs bow before "true believers". City managers were unavailable for comment due to the "complexity" of the subject.

Upon publication of the paper three local politicians scrambled to tour the triangle, but failed to notice any tell tale signs of Sharia. So move on please, nothing to see here!

Geert Wilders for his part, isn't having any. He's going to have a look for himself. And actually, the signs of assertive Islam are everywhere! Not only is Wilders planning going into the triangle with unprecedented security detail, Twitter is on fire with threats on his life.

Follow the English language tweets of @ArnoudvDoorn - a former council member for Wilders' Freedom Party and a recent convert to Islam, who was recently feted in Saudi Arabia as a trophee!

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