Monday, May 6, 2013

What Is A Pomosexual?

"So Pomo is a musical response to homo/transphobia where queers takeover & celebrate our fabulous lives! Using camp, surrealism and fantasy, So Pomo celebrates queer desire and subverts the notion of fixed sexual and gender identities. 'Pomo' stands for Post-Modern, and Pomosexual is someone who identifies as beyond the labels of gay or straight or LGBT."

The pomosexual movement has existed for some time. It shows its face in one form or the other from time to time. Today we discovered they had plans for a revolutionary social network advocating postmodern sexuality ( where people understand that sexuality is fluid and gender is neutral. The website (and the music video, from another pomosexual sect, for which pomosexuals collected $1395 on kickstarter) never materialized. The pomoworld Flickr stream is still online. There we learn what pomosexuals look like, that they like Ron Paul in shorts, what the pomosexual declaration is, how your brain looks on pomo, and that a pomosexual can also be a taco. Want to learn more about these pomo's? Read this book: PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality.

DISCLAIMER FOR PROGRESSIVE CRYBABIES: Here @ we have nothing against gay people; it's the folks that deny the existence of fixed sexual/gender identity (that includes the gay one) that follows from your physical nature that we don't like.