Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sharia4Belgium Members Arrested, Accused of Beheading Non-Muslims in Syria

The court yesterday arrested four suspected members of the radical Muslim group ‘Sharia4Belgium’. There is evidence that they were involved in serious criminal activities in Syria, including torture and beheadings of non-Muslims.

MidnightWatcher  Sharia4Belgium-leader Fouad Belkacem (also known as Abu Imran) from Boom is back behind bars. In addition, two brothers from Vilvoorde and a man from Berchem are locked up. ‘The group was supposed to be dissolved, but that’s not true,’ said Eric Van Der Sypt, spokesman for the federal prosecutor. ‘They are actively recruiting street youth, indoctrinate them, give them combat training and organizing violent actions in Syria and in our country.

‘Sharia4Belgium’ sent the youngest 33 radicalized Muslims from Vilvoorde and Antwerp to Syria.’ From the stories discerned from warriors who returned, they were incorporated into fighting groups linked to Al Qaeda. ‘They took part in jihadist and Salafist terrorist activities. There are strong indications that they were guilty of abducting and executing ‘infidels in Syria.’” 

Source – Vlaamse Syrië-strijders Betrokken Bij Onthoofdingen via Islam verses Europe 

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