Thursday, May 30, 2013

Republicans have a chance to destroy Neo Socialism

Conservatives have a legitimate case for impeachment of Obama, but there's an even better opportunity to cut the Achilles tendon of Big Government

A picture of Richard Nixon, of Watergate memory, superimposed on the face of Barack Obama 

The Obama administration faces at least five major scandals:

Some conservatives have been calling for the impeachment of President Obama. But the urge to impeach Obama should be resisted.

Concerning the IRS, it's possible that Obama knew about the targeting of Conservative groups, but it's not really necessary. Democrat activists are well aware of what is required from them. They don't need specific orders to know their course of action.

On the other hand it is undeniably true, that the IRS has indeed been targeting conservative organizations. They knew about it, they lied to Congress about it, they apologized for it and that heads will roll is certain. Lois Lerner, the division head for tax-exempt groups at the IRS who admitted she isn't "good at math", is unlikely to survive this scandal.

Benghazi will be with us for for some time to come. Darrell Issa just slapped the State Department with subpoenas. Will be continued.

The administration targeted (AP) journalists, took their phone records, examined their private emails, while trying to cover up an investigation into Fox News' reporter James Rosen.

Yet Republicans should hold off on drawing up articles of impeachment against Barack Obama. He's out in 2016, but his ideology of Big Government will still be with us. The right should focus on the long term and use the opportunity to gut the ideology that is causing present economic and cultural degradation.

The GOP must indict Obama's tax and spend policies, chipping away at the Obama mantra that Big Government is good government, rolling back the powers of the state. These scandals cut at the core conceit of Obama´s false ideology.

Americans are becoming increasingly cynical about public institutions, with their trust in the federal government at historic lows. They distrust the agencies and bureaucrats even as politicians are investing more and more power in them. The Democrats are in danger of gross overreach of American's acceptance of the European style Rhineland model of Government.

When this period of scandal draws to a close, and the idea survives that a more competent and ethical president would be able to effectively govern a $4 trillion bureaucracy, it will be a sign Republicans have failed their duty.

They can succeed by ignoring the temptation of making this about the president, and focus on the false philosophy of Big Government which represents a true danger to Liberty.

While conservatives may have a legitimate case for impeachment, there's an even better opportunity at hand to cut the Achilles tendon of postmodern Socialism.