Thursday, May 30, 2013

Liberty versus Sharia: The People must take the Initiative

This demo for the victim of the brutal murder in Woolwich, London shows that ethnic determinism has no place in Liberty

Rights and Liberty transcend class and race: each tolerant citizen is the owner of his rights and must defend them

Many citizens are well behaved sheeple: if there's a problem they wait for government to solve it. If the law proves inadequate politicians will pass another law, and that is usually the end of the matter.

Morality is voluntary

But there are matters in which politics come up short. Morality is voluntary. You can't fit it into law without violation of rights. People must apply morality voluntarily.

The adherents to liberal secular law and Muslims following religious Sharia law are pitted against each other. These two concepts of the state are mutually exclusive. This may come as a surprise to 'pragmatists' who believe anything is possible, but there it is!

One of the two must yield. There is no question which one of the two is objectively superior. In under two centuries Freedom has brought man economic, as well scientific and cultural abundance and prosperity. 

Liberty is better than tyranny

Let's not be nihilistic about it: good health, a prosperous life and the pursuit of happiness are better than human suffering, poverty and fatalistic desperation. Politicians that are led by the supposed ideal that these two concepts are somehow equal, are endangering that way of life.

This is a recent example from the Netherlands, but it could have happened anywhere.  A number of council politicians recently visited an area in The Hague, of which a journalist had claimed it was 'ruled by Sharia law'. They came out, declaring to reporters they had not seen any sharia anywhere, and citizens should go to sleep quietly. Then you know there is a problem. Abstractions simply don't hang from lamp posts!

These politicians don't just pretend the two concepts of state are equal (this is the meaning of multiculturalism), what they are actually saying is that the two opposite ideas of the state lead to the same result. A child can see this is nonsense. Those people no doubt have wonderful intentions, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions (Dutch proverb). 

Citizens have a responsibility

Citizens must take the initiative in these matters. They must explain to their Islamic brothers that they value liberty and it's non negotiable. Make them clear that the rule of law can only exist when there's equality before the law, and if there's one objective law for all citizens. 

This must be done peacefully without violating anyone's rights. Races and classes are superficial constructs thought up by group thinkers. This is not even about people, it's about bad ideas (some religions among them). 

There is no place here for superficial nonsense like virulent cultural nationalism or ethnic collectivism. Those notions are no better than dividing mankind in believers and infidels. Only the groups differ. 

It's about equal individual rights, freedom and equality before the law. One law for all citizens! For Liberty, against Apartheid, against a state within a state. 

Citizens are the owners of the public realm. It's time for out of the box grass roots initiatives.

N.B. A few suggestions: while on city trips visit the local Sharia triangle. The flash mob is a simple alternative for demos, for which many city councils demand permits (right to assembly, anyone?).