Monday, May 13, 2013

Female Genital Mutilation Is Here and Now!

A group formed to protest and combat female genital mutilation declared May 6 and May 12 the first-ever International Clitoris Awareness Week. The organization, Clitoraid, released a statement Friday about the campaign:
“Our first six years of humanitarian work have been dedicated to surgically repairing clitorises from female genital mutilation … and on October 8 we’ll open the world’s first Clitoral Restoration Hospital”
It may be too late for Clitoraid Awareness Week, but it's never too late to become aware of this barbarian practice in a number of primitive societies. In fact, we can do better than that! It is happening in your country today! Multicultural advocates and even our own authorities have become accomplices out of a false sense of respect for an evil practice that has zero respect for individual rights!

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