Thursday, May 16, 2013

Egyptian TV Hostess Has Explosive Interview With Muslim Cleric

Female Egyptian TV host removes headscarf, scolds Muslim cleric who 'peddles' Islam in an explosive interview

Egyptian TV host Riham Said removes her veil during the interview and clashes with her guest, cleric Sheik Yousuf Badri on Al Nahar TV

Following are excerpts from an interview Egyptian TV host Riham Said conducted with Egyptian cleric Yousuf Badri which aired on Al-Nahar TV on April 17, 2013. Recorded before formal interview has begun, Riham is holding a headscarf in her hands.

Riham Said: Outside this studio, in your daily life, you deal all the time with Muslim women who do not wear the veil. Do I have to put this on just to have an interview with you?! Puts on the scarf Do we have to go through this charade just to have the interview?

Yousuf Badri: I swear to God that this is nicer and more radiant.

Riham Said: I would have accepted it is if it was in order to make me please Allah, but, off the air, you have no problem talking to me without the hijab, and then, when the viewers can see, you make we wear it?!

Yousuf Badri: Maybe this hijab will stay on after the show. Who knows?

Riham Said: I feel like I am playacting when I put this scarf on.

Yousuf Badri: Let's start the show. […] On the air – regarding a discussion on sexual harassment by clerics performing exorcism

Yousuf Badri: This is a provocation. Change the subject. Talk about things that interest people, about public affairs.

Riham Said: From the moment you sat down, you've been shouting at me and mocking me, even though we paid you 1,000 Egyptian pounds to come here. She removes her headscarf Just a second, we didn't you pay you 1,000 pounds so you could yell at me. You didn't come to answer questions. You came to pick a fight.

Yousuf Badri: Change the subject or I'm gone.

Riham Said: Are you threatening me?

Yousuf Badri: Change the subject.

Riham said: What kind of cleric demands 1,000 pounds?

Yousuf Badri: Change the subject.

Riham Said: It is you who are setting conditions.

Yousuf Badri: Change the subject and put on that hijab!

Riham said: I'm not going to put it on. I will wear it for God, not for you.

Yousuf Badri: Enough. I made it a condition before the interview, and you agreed.

Riham Said: No, I didn't.]

Yousuf Badri: Why are you taking your hijab off again? Why are you reneging on your word?

Riham Said: What's the point of wearing a hijab when you can see the hair underneath?

Yousuf Badri: Ranada, do you invite guests in order to give them a hard time? To embarrass them? I sued Al-Nahhar TV, as you well know. The trial is in May. It was postponed. I will shut your channel down.

Riham Said: Why did you come here if you want to shut us down? Why did you take this channel's money? Didn't you take money for appearing here? Why did you take the money if you want to shut us down?

Yousuf Badri: I didn't come here to be harassed. You knew my background when you invited me.

Riham Said: This is the kind of person who sues TV channels, attacks the media, and puts on a show for the viewers. It is very unfortunate that people like this peddle our religion. I'm the one leaving, not you. […]

H/t Memri