Tuesday, May 28, 2013

VIDEO: Disgusting Dutch Comedian Jokes About Woolwich Attack

Dutch comedy show sparks outrage after actors waving 'blood-soaked' knives make fun of soldier Lee Rigby's killing 

Comedian Paul De Leeuw didn't think much of the gruesome murder in Woolwich in a spoof Eurovision Song Contest sketch

In a sketch two guys dressed up like Lee Rigby's murderers pulled the bottom underneath the barbarism of the terrorist attack in Woolwich. One jihadist asked a passer-by to film him, waving blood soaked knives and cleavers at the camera.

De Leeuw has a reputation to live up to as the Netherlands' most nihilistic 'comedian'. Last week's show featured him sucking milk directly from a mother's breasts.

The studio audience can be heard gasping as the camera closes in on the two men, then as the sketch ends, show host Paul de Leeuw is seen laughing it off (hullo! @woukevscherrenb).  The television program is aired on the publicly funded socialist @VARA channel.