Thursday, May 16, 2013

Muslims Wanted to Poison Water of 2.5 Million Boston Residents

Muslims could have poisoned the water supply of the city of Boston MA. Just earlier, on April 22, jihadi's had similar plans to poison up to 100.000 Americans

Poisoning of the water supply may be a new strategy opted by Muslim terrorists

After the Boston Marathon bombings, and the thwarted plot to derail the Canada/New York train over a bridge crossing the Niagara, or to poison the water supply (and the air) and murder as many as 100,000 people, the greater Boston area risked another major jihadist attack. In the early hours of the morning on May 14 seven Muslims, five men and two women from Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, were caught trespassing in a restricted area of the Quabbin Water Reservoir.

A scale that defies imagination

It is hard to comprehend the scale of what might have happened during this act of sabotage! The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority provides drinking water to 2.5 million residents and 5,500 industrial customers in greater Boston, encompassing 61 cities and towns.

A chance state trooper on patrol spotted two suspicious cars parked on the grass near one of Quabbin’s entrances. The cop investigated and found the group snooping around and moving from the water back to their cars. The vehicles were checked, but no sign of criminal activities was found. 

"Professional interest"

Their explanation was, they were "chemical engineers and recent college graduates", citing their education and career interests as their justification for getting close to the reservoir.

The police spokesman said there was "no indication of a crime greater than trespassing being committed". Clearly, this was another attempt by officials to downplay jihadist or Jihad related activities. In the Toronto/New York plot a Tunisian man who met one of the suspects was 'only' charged with visa fraud. Later an indictment alleged he was fraudulently seeking a US work visa in order to "facilitate an act of international terrorism". 

The US Attorney for Manhattan declared: "Ahmed Abassi had an evil purpose for seeking to remain in the United States - to commit acts of terror and develop a network of terrorists here, and to use this country as a base to support the efforts of terrorists internationally." Mr Abassi, the defendant, expressed his desire to "engage in terrorist acts against targets in the United States and other countries". 


The Commonwealth Fusion Center was notified of the incident at Quabbin Water Reservoir and was provided with the identification of the seven individuals. A preliminary background check for warrants and Interpol Wanted Persons turned up no warrants, detainers or advisories and the group was allowed to leave.

Boston Marathon Bombings

The individuals live in Amherst, Cambridge, Sunderland, Northampton, and New York City. All seven were released, but will be brought to court over the incident. The FBI is now involved in the investigation as well. The seven individuals, whose identities were not released because of any formal arrest, will be summonsed to appear in a district court for trespassing. A court date is pending.

Extra precautions

The Boston reservoir tests normal and the Massachusetts State Police beefed up patrols around the reservoir. As an extra precaution, water quality samples were analyzed at MWRA’s lab yesterday.