Monday, April 1, 2013

Women in Islam: Chattel or Slave?

Who has any doubt that the sandbox morality is in any way compatible with the values of the Enlightenment or the concept of individual rights, had better remove the camel dung from his eyes! Guess the Cairo Declaration doesn't cover the position of women, or the protection of refugees!
Dutch correspondent for public broadcasting in the Middle East, @HaraldDoornbos flung this tweet on his feed this Easter:
Dutch blogger @VanFrikschoten gave us the translation:
"Business is business" is what the slave masters in Egypt must have thought. In the poster female refugees from Syria (annotated in blue) are offered for sale in marriage. Available in the following flavors: "divorced (disowned), widows or virgins (misses)". The sale is taking place at the marriage broker in the Ahmad Orabi St. in Damanhour, Gawish-building, 2nd floor. Only take away for home consumption. The five billion European dollars for 'democracy' is starting to bear fruit. We are waiting for the first limb amputations in Muslim-Brotherland.
We ain't seen nothing yet, folks! The party has not even begun!