Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Global Assault on Tax Havens 1/2

In a globalized world nothing happens in a vacuum. The leftist assault on taxpayers doesn't stand on its own.
The narrative, that...
money (and therefore the fruit of your production) belongs in principle to the state, that banks are to blame for the ongoing debt crisis (now why would that be called a debt crisis?) and tax evaders/the rich/BIG business are the culprits for the revenue shortfall for not paying enough taxes...
was first pushed by the loones of #Occupy. But they were just the messengers. Politicians are bailing out banks (or 'bailing them in' when deposits are raided as well), because in their book the purpose of banks is to buy their sovereign debt with cheap, freshly printed money issued by central banks.

The fact that everything is connected to everything in a globalized world #G6 #G7 #G20 #Brussels #VN #Bilderberg #Davos #Geneve and something is pulling the strings, is evidenced by this cat jumping out of the bag (page 43) in the EUSSR!

In the heat of the battle to bail-in Cyprus Angela Merkel blurted out, that the Cypriot business model was dead! Indeed, the terms of the bail-in killed it! Germans - collectivists as they are - thoroughly hate liberal tax policies. For fun, try a search for the origin of the disk with the once secret Swiss bank accounts!

The French Socialist President just yesterday declared war on every tax haven you can think of. And he's meaning to educate his compatriots on the noble art of taxation. The mentality of the collective is everywhere and institutionalized plunder is considered the summit of higher ethics!

The legitimate business model aspired to by Switzerland, Ireland, Iceland and Cyprus has been liquidated. The axe in the Netherlands is falling shortly.

International tax competition will be destroyed until there's no place on this earth left to hide.

Continued in part 2/2