Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Collective Wants Your Children, Your Money and Your Organs

Take note of this debate. And remember it the next time the school transgresses its field of responsibility which should be delimited to the transfer of information; when child care foists its services on the neighbors'; when the government tells you what to consume; when parents are berated for deciding what's best for their children.

The process of collectivization has been going on for some time. So there it is! Over the weekend we saw college professor and MSNBC babe Melissa Harris-Perry breaking the news that children belong to the collective.

But that isn't the extent of the cyborg coup! Money and your business (in other words, the fruit of your production) has already been assimilated. And what to think of your organs! That's a matter of time.

How long will it take before some fascist rodent in the Ministry of Health Care concludes that the strange ideas you have about liberty must be washed from your brain? Or government decides that an enemy of the collective has no right to exist?

Far fetched? Not even ten years ago the moral of the collective was something which belonged behind the Iron Curtain, or in the scenes described in the dystopias of Ayn Rand and George Orwell.