Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Appeasement of North Korea is Immoral!

Watch this Fox News interview with @GordonGChang (website), author of Nuclear Showdown.

Unrelated to tensions escalating in Korea, British Prime Minister David Cameron published an article in The Telegraph yesterday stressing the need for keeping the fleet up to scratch and renew the Royal Navy’s Vanguard-class submarines, which carry Trident nuclear missiles.
Cameron stressed that nuclear deterrent as needed as much today as six decades ago. The potential risk has even increased. Iran continues to threaten the free world and is developing nuclear capabilities. Kim Jong-un in North Korea is running a diplomatic extortion racket and keeping his people hostage.
Cameron concludes it would be foolish to leave Britain defenceless against a continuing, and growing, nuclear threat. The security of the free world is worth a price. To put matters in perspective Cameron made plain that current nuclear weapons capability costs less than 1.5 per cent of the U.K.'s annual benefits bill.

Moral relativism as a result of pretended equality is the essence of diplomacy. In that light the free world has forgotten that defense is a matter of morality. Liberty is NOT on equal par with fascistic regimes like Iran's and Korth Korea's. If we forget that, we are bound to lose what we value most.
Current egalitarian politicians have forgotten that it is impossible to negotiate with bullies: they see it as moral cowardice (which it is) and an encouragement for even more belligerence, since that apparently pays!

We should stop all food aid and enforce a complete economic boycott. As a result the regime is bound to collapse, like all communist systems do. It is up to the North Korean people to effect their regime change. The rewarding, maintaining and appeasement of a criminal regime as the West is currently doing is simply immoral!

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 N.Korea Escalation: US Defense System to Guam April 4, 2013, 02:25H

The US is sending its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System to Guam in the coming weeks. The move to deploy the missile defense system comes in response to continued heated rhetoric from North Korea.
The increasingly bold moves on the part of North Korea (and Iran) prove the failure of Obama's policy to appease bully regimes. The decision to conduct military exercises with South Korea involving guided missile destroyers and B-2 and F-22 stealth jets proved wholly inadequate.