Monday, April 8, 2013

Stop Paying Taxes and Kill Big Government

Citizen-taxpayers feel increasingly powerless against our loose cannon, BIG spending, BIG taxing governments. That feeling of disenfranchisement is more related to Plato's Cave than reality, as shown in the video, featuring The Tiny Dot (bottom). In fact, if We The People decide tomorrow to withhold contribution until our governments remember their place, in the end there's little they can do about it.

In Ayn Rand's novel, Atlas Shrugged it's scientists, entrepreneurs and producers who are disappearing, leaving an unappreciative society to fend for itself.

But in fact, a tax payers' strike would accomplish the same result as far as the government is concerned. Here are a few suggestions how you could contribute in starving the beast. Going Galt is not easy, but you can make a contribution in small, unexpected ways:

1. Defer your income. If you are already very well off, and you can afford to have your employer defer your income to a future year, defer it. Work for free now and pay no tax, with the promise that you’ll get income down the road. Then, make it clear to the government that you will continue to defer your income until they balance the books.

2. Start rearing and educating your own children. Because the second income pushes you into a higher tax bracket most spouses work for very little money. Deduct child care expenses, plus the taxes on the second income, plus the additional taxes you pay on the first income, and ask yourself, is it worth the trouble?
Run the numbers! You’ll be surprised how very little your second wage-earner is actually making while someone else indoctrinates your kids. Quit the second job! Forgo that income. Defy the loose cannon government. Take back the tax money on that income and instead, put it to your children’s future by raising them yourselves.

3. Stop spending! Spending equals VAT and sales taxes. Most of the products you are buying are made in China, so every dollar you spend on such items is shipped out of our country. Stop doing that. All you’re doing is creating unemployment in your own country. The side benefit is that you deprive badly run bloated governments of sales tax revenue and VAT.

4. Keep some cash at home! It’s just a good idea to have a few thousand dollars at home anyway for emergencies. Get a fire safe for a few hundred bob and put away a stack. The government and central banks are printing money hand over fist using inflation to destroy the value of your money. We can fight them back by taking some cash back out of circulation and not putting it in the banks. Remember: what they can’t find, they can’t tax and they can’t redistribute.

5. Work for cash or barter, if you can. Cash income is frequently not taxed. Keep that cash at home, spend it on everyday expenses, like Tim Geithner, the former US Treasury Secretary did for years. It’s how he became a millionaire. He knows the ins and outs. Follow his lead.

Going Galt doesn’t mean quitting your job and putting your family in jeopardy. It means depriving the government of your services in every way possible that you can, while at the same time being very vocal about why you’re doing it. You have to deprive the government of your taxes, and then vote them out at the same time.