Sunday, April 28, 2013

Putin Asks Western Media, Are You Out Your Minds?

Putin is shocked by the stance of the Western media. He shouldn't be. He taught them cultural Marxism himself when he was in the KGB.

In an interview on Russia Today he blasts the Western media that referred to terrorists who attacked civilians as 'insurgents'.

When reporting that the Chechen brothers Tsarnaev were involved in the Boston bombings, the lamestream media lost little time in framing the Chechen terrorists, who took 1,100 people hostage (including 777 children) and killed 380 when they attacked Beslan, as 'freedom fighters' who long sought independence from Russia. As usual they are reversing cause and effect: causality issues are a pomo standard.

As a measure of what we're talking about here, even die hard AQ Jihadists think the Caucasus fighters are kind of.. ehm over the top terrifying..

In the interview Putin calls on Western leaders to cooperate in fighting international terrorism: to get the job done!