Thursday, April 25, 2013

Politically Correct BBC Bowing Down Before the Faithful

Last month during Comic Relief, Rowan Atkinson LOLLED the Archbishop of Canterbury in a rather good sketch.

It is however typical of our time that religion would be set apart in an untouchable category of its own, apart from the world of ideas, where it belongs! Because ideas govern human thoughts and actions, they must always be subject to criticism! In fact, one can never be too critical of ideas!

The British media watchdog Ofcom deemed the skit 'problematic' as it received no less than 2.200 complaints. Kidding you not! Ofcom will decide within fifty days if the sketch is permissble or not.

The BBC can't wait to appease the Christians: the BBC's governors have apologized off hand, and sanitized their website accordingly.

On an earlier occasion in 2009 Atkinson was 'cleared' of charges made by Ofcom when he LOLLED a vicar. Ofcom received some 540 complaints at the time *LOL*