Saturday, April 13, 2013

Occupy Activist to Lobby Obama Regime on Behalf of Syrian Rebels

One of the top #OccupyWallStreet activists has surfaced as a lobbyist for the Free Syrian rag tag army, which is basically a collection of Sunni terrorists backed by the US-Saudi-Qatari axis, battling Iran's proxies in Syria.

Carne Ross is a desillusioned, former British diplomat from the Blair era who dropped out of the established paradigm. The freelance diplomat is also a driving force behind the #OWS Working Group on Alternative Banking, that is working on a model for profitless banking.

Ross's advisory firm, Independent Diplomat, Inc., will meet with the State Department and other US agencies to lobby them on behalf of the Syrian rebel coalition how best to tailor them to the Obama regime's Middle East agenda. It's not a very tough job. The regime has already advised it will release $10 million in nonlethal aid to Al Qaeda Syria Chapter.

Above video of Ross lecturing at the London School of Economics offers an insight in to the fundamentalist egalitarian nihilist way of thinking along largely pragmatist lines: key words: action rather than ratio, non-violent collaboration and participation leading to consensus, participatory democracy, collective decision making and egalitarian outcomes. 

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