Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Obama Values Dictator Chavez over Liberty's Iron Lady

In a latest diplomatic tiff between the US and the UK the Obama has refused to send a high-level delegation to the funeral of one of Britain's giants of the last century. It's a measure of how he despises Britain and a sign of his own pettyness.

In normal circumstances VPs routinely attend funerals of foreign dignitaries. As such, we were spared the spectacle of Plugs Bite Me at the funeral service at St Pauls.

But the legacy of Margaret Thatcher warranted the presence of the POTUS hisself. Her staunch friendship with Ronald Reagan helped to set off the free-market revolution, ended the Cold War, and left the US and UK the standard-bearers for freedom in the world.

The White House announced that disarming the American people was a more pressing issue, so instead, a former ambassador, a charge d'affaires and two former Secretaries of State represented the US. That is a lower-level delegation than the one Obama sent to the funeral of Venezuela's anti-American dictator Hugo Chavez last month.