Saturday, April 27, 2013

Netherlands Want Municipal Superskunk Grass

Care for a cigarette from the Municipal Tobacco Plantation? Or a stiffener from the General State Brewery?
Is there a future for the free market?
We are going through a revival of the old socialistic practices, the norm before the 'neo liberal' Reagan/Thatcher revolution.
One corruption breeds the next.

Last week in The Netherlands the news broke that at least fourteen municipalities have plans to grow their own grass. A change in the law should make the idea possible. A draft amendment has already been filed with the Ministry of Justice.

The proposal is not only supported by the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, but also by a number of provincial towns. The councils are bitterly complaining about the present policy, a compromise of sorts, in which retail sale of grass is legal, but wholesale isn't.
"We have created a monster by legal sales at the front door, but illegal delivery at the back. Grass doesn't come out of thin air, ya'know? If the Minister is serious about doing something about illegal plantations, the state must take care of it!"
*MEGA ROFLOL* This is the Socialistic mayor of the city of Heerlen, near Maastricht. The wholesale production of grass is illegal, but WFT, if the government does it, it's OK! Isn't the law the cause of crime in the first place?