Sunday, June 23, 2019

Losing the War Against Islam

I will not submit! 
We are losing Western civilization and liberty because of three fatal flaws in our doctrine. These are all matters of wrong identification due to political correctness and the wrong frame of reference.
We are failing the first rule of warfare: know thy enemy!

The security services - notably those resorting under president Obama - have practically outlawed investigations into Islamic extremism. Homeland Security has purged information from their system. Hundreds of files have been destroyed. All in an effort to separate Islam from terrorism. And that's just what we know! 

Islamic terrorism is religiously inspired warfare, which means that the source is 'a religion'. The reason why terrorism is attributed to Al Qaeda after the fact, is because prior to the fact the religious source  is untouchable. Why?

Because it is 'a religion'. In other words, religion is providing an evil, oppressive ideology that has killed over hundreds of thousands human beings since 9/11 (and 270 million over 14 centuries) with a free pass because it is a 'belief'! Some people will even go as far in their error as to assume that religion is good by definition.

But religion is not a specific moral category! It is an idea, like any other idea. The term is morally neutral. We shall have to delve into the idea or the religion itself to find out whether it is an intrinsically good or bad idea.

Error number two is a fundamental mental handicap we have lumbered ourselves with, namely the prohibition to connect the dots: instead we see the 20,700 terror attacks since 9/11 as unrelated incidents!

The mistake that disallows deducing a generality from a number of specifics is inherent in (post)modern scientific philosophy. It enables Islam apologists to isolate every single attack as an event in itself, without ever having to draw conclusions from all the atrocities as a whole or to describe the root cause. All terrorists are lone wolves, there never is a connection

The final mistake is confusing warfare with crime. Which brings us back to false equations with Christianity and Judaism and the fundamental lack of understanding of the nature of Islam. We are wont to think of a standing army as a separate military institution of men, trained for war and in uniform, covered by the Geneva Convention and laboring under the Just War Theory

Islam does not know a division of powers, but neither does it have a separation of Church and State, the Sacred and the Worldly. The defense of the faith falls on the entire body of the Ummah, the collective of Muslims, the army for Allah.

So if we treat terrorism as a crime, and terrorists like criminals, we are using our civil reference frame for war criminals. Because that is what terrorists are. The only thing is, they are unrecognizable because they don't wear military uniforms. 

When Dutch Judges refuse to extradite a terrorist to the US (newspaper article in Dutch), because that country does not guarantee psychiatric treatment, you know we must be insane. This therapy does not even work for criminals, let alone for confirmed terrorists. Theirs isn't a disease of the soul, but a sclerosis of the mind that affects their entire view of the universe! Notably their ethics. 

Idris Faridi has been convicted to nine months in jail, after a terrorist’s manual called "39 Ways To Serve And Proceed In Jihad" was discovered on his computer’s hard drive. He had applied to work at the Millennium Stadium during the Olympic Games. Jail is supposed to 'cure' 'social diseases'. We are simply putting a well motivated terrorist back in to the streets.

Evidently, this is not going to win us the existential war of our time against an enemy who does not suffer from self debilitation. Read carefully this piece: "Islam For Dummies: Religion or Ideology", then print it, frame it, hang it on your wall and read it every day.

We cannot fight an enemy we cannot properly frame, identify or understand. We cannot be in a war on terrorism, because terrorism is a tactic. We can't be at war with Al Qaeda, because Al Qaeda is not a physical entity. It's a franchise. And we can't be not at war, because someone is evidently killing us on a grant scale!

We shall somehow have to make the distinction between passive and active army for Allah. But one thing we must never do, and that is supposing 'a religion' can never be an enemy. Apparently it is. This existential war cannot be won with half our brain tied behind our back!

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