Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dutch Pedocracy: Court Orders Prosecution of Former Justice Top Brass

Wall Street Journal: Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) expresses grave concern that the International Court of Justice remains located in The Hague 

Questions remain unanswered about pedophilia accusations against former high-ranking Dutch Justice Ministry Official George Demmink

UPDATE:  The Court of Arnhem has ordered the Prosecution to finally investigate George Demmink, the former Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice, for the sexual abuse of two minors. A spokesman for the Court told the media yesterday the available material is sufficient to warrant an investigation into the alleged rape of two young Turkish boys. One victim appears to have died some time ago. The two Turkish victims have lodged complaints against Demmink on two occasions. The Prosecution has always doubted their reliability. From earlier probes no criminal acts transpired. But the Court in Arnhem has now finally concluded otherwise. A spokeswoman for the Prosecution Service told the press that she had hoped for "another outcome". (...) (Source, Dutch)

Update: the Secretary of Justice told Parlement today his office will no longer cover Demmink's legal costs. (Source, Dutch)

Oct. 17, 2013

Witness Alleges There's Proof

Two Turkish witnesses want the Dutch prosecution to open an investigation against former top civil servant Demmink for the abuse of minors. In a closed-door procedure the Court in Arnhem on Friday will decide in the matter. (Source (Dutch))

The English language meanwhile has a transcript of a radio interview with one the abused Turkish witnesses, Hüseyin Baybaşin:

More information about Hüseyin Baybaşin - a man who allegedly has been incarcerated per instruction of Joris Demmink and as a result of pressure by the Turkish government, which allegedly used sensitive information about Joris Demmink to get their way - can be found here and here. Baybaşin alleges that.. (Source)

Oct. 15, 2013

The Plot is Thickening

It seems like Joris Demmink has spent the last couple of years building up all the necessary defensive systems that will be required in the near future, moving “the best of the best” to key strategic positions, all ready to play their part, if so required…either because promotions are awaiting them, or they may be able to thwart the disclosure of sensitive information by supporting Demmink. (Source)

Read the dossier on

April 29, 2013

Here are the main points from an article in KN which reports how the EU threatened a Member of the Europarliament for Wilders' Freedom Party. On a meeting of Human Rights students of the Georgetown Law School Lucas Hartong MEP disclosed the details of the Demmink affair. Press Release of The Rebecca Project. Hartong took up the case last year as a member of the Commission of Relations with the US that received a letter from House Representatives Joseph Pitts, Frank Wolf and Chris Smith (scroll down).

Hartong discovered that investigations in Turkey had paused because the State of the Netherlands declared that Demmink was not in Turkey at the time of the crime. The truth is that nobody knows. This means it will be harder to prove Demmink was on the spot.
Hartong MEP tabled questions that required reply within three weeks. Months passed. In February Hartong was notified that his questions would be on the agenda during a meeting of the Council of Ministers. Hartong was invited to attend. But on his arrival he was threatened with arrest and thrown out of the meegting on his ear. Last week Hartong received an answer to his questions, which was formulated in awkward terms. And it included no answer to his questions related to Demmink's travel itinerary.
In Georgetown Hartong encouraged students to keep up the good work and advised them to keep up the pressure until the state agrees to a free and independent investigation.

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April 28, 2013

After Europa and Russia, also the US now wants to know why the accusations of abuse and pedophilia against the high ranking career civil servant, Demmink, have gone uninvestigated for so many years. The State pretends not to hear. Last week a delegation visited the US to calm things down. The Commission on Security and Cooperation In Europa led by Rep. Chris Smith and the organization, Concerned Women for America have written Luis C. deBaca, Ambassador-At-Large to Combat Human Trafficking at the State Dept. to recommend degrading the Netherlands on the Tier Ranking should the state persist in its refusal to investigate. It should not have come this far. Not in a civil society.

April 27, 2013

The way the State of The Netherlands is exploiting the memory of Anne Frank to exculpate its moral integrity is disgusting! 

Check the press release by the Embassy about the mission to the US last week in order to save what is left of its reputation.

April 23, 2013

Here are the latest developments. Congressman Smith wants to remove the International Court of Justice from the city of The Hague. The Demmink case may well land the Netherlands on the list of countries violating human rights, the Tier Ranking.

The Justice Minister Opstelten is refusing to answer questions filed by MPs and continues the decades old cover up.

An 11 person delegation, led by the chairman of the taskforce human trafficking, is travelling to the US this week. According to a lawyer of one of the Demmink's victims business interests are now at stake.

Robert Rubinstein of the De Roestige SpijkeFoundation - a watch dog following the case - is trying to force a public hearing with witnesses under oath.

On our Dutch edition we are keeping a live blog on the Dutch pedocracy

Considering the developments we will now expand that with an English language version to expose this unsavoury cover up to the broadest possible extent. Watch these pages!

English language information on Rebecca Project for Human Rights and lawyers for the victims, Bakker Schut Foundation