Thursday, April 25, 2013


Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck promised last week he would reveal important new information on his radio and TV shows about the Boston Bombings. This is the second batch of information he divulged on his radio show today. Read the first part here

Boston Marathon and the Mysterious Saudi


In the wake of the bombing of the Boston Marathon on Monday April 15 a young Saudi was treated in hospital for injuries he sustained in the attack. He was placed under arrest. In the evening his flat in Boston was searched for nine hours. His room mates were extensively heard. How Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi got to be at the Boston Marathon finish has never been explained. He has since disappeared into thin air!


Al Harbi is born on December 3, 1993. Despite being on a no fly list he 'walked in' on a special passport, reserved for diplomats, journalists and the like. Al Harbi, in other words, has never been vetted. His student visa was issued for a school in Finley, Ohio , but the school has no record of him, or him ever transferring to Boston.

On Tuesday after the attack the FBI got a search warrant and searched Al Harbi's house for nine hours; they grilled his room mates and talked to Al Harbi himself for five hours. At 4PM agents opened an Event File in his name, only to find out it already existed. The status on the file read 212-3B. This status is reserved for known, proven or imminent terrorists and can only be issued by a panel of five judges. Such a person is inadmissible to the US. The file is marked "armed and dangerous". Yet there he was, on a special passport and a student visa.

A day later Foreign Secretary Kerry had two unscheduled meetings with the Saudi Foreign Minister, Saud. Amendments to Event Files trigger a record. There are two records for that day. 1. Of someone trying to remove references to terrorism and deporting. 2. A record of someone trying to destroy the original file as well as the amendment.

After Kerry's meeting with Saud Al Harbi status is subsequently changed from 'suspect', to 'person of interest' and finally to 'witness'. The FBI made a "rush to judgment" and this was a case of "mistaken identity". There was "another Al Harbi, not connected to Boston", yet the school in Finley, Ohio has no record of any Al Harbi.

So where is Al Harbi? The FBI do not even know where he is! Maybe in hospital. According to the Dept. of Homeland Security Al Harbi's visa has expired and he will be (or already was) deported. Nobody knows! And DHS secretary Napolitano refuses to give a classified briefing to the House Ctee of Homeland Security (update).

"Control agent" Al Harbi may be already out of the country. House Representatives King and Duncan are in possession of the documents! It is obvious DHS has no problem throwing the FBI under the bus.

The USA issues 75,000 student visas every year. Of those twenty percent - 15,000 students - never show up at their designated schools. The number of Saudi students have gone up 500 percent since 9/11! Since this year Saudis have Trusted Traveller status, meaning they just have to swipe their passports at their point of entry without security checks or vetting.

Here's some information about the mosque in Boston which was attended by Al Harbi as well as both Boston bombers. The mosque was founded by the infamous Sheik Al Qaradawi. He was the first Sunni cleric to issue a fatwa back in 1994 to use suicide bombings against Israel. The mosque has been the backdrop for a number of Muslim PR stunts, also known as taqqiyah.

The Obama administration has practically outlawed investigations into extremism. Homeland Security has purged information from the system. Hundreds of files have been destroyed. Ft Hood became "work place violence', Benghazi was caused by a film. Terrorism is religiously inspired warfare waged by Muslims, which means it is interpreted as a religion. While Al Qaeda is fair game, "religion" and "Islam" are untouchable. It basically an equivocation.

SA is funding mosques through the Muslim Brotherhood and SA is sending recruiters abroad on student visas with trusted traveller status. The USA handed the Muslim Brotherhood the most important country in the Arab World, Egypt and the Obama administration is now in the process of handing over Syria. A Texan who was the former VP of CAIR is now leading the opposition against Assad from Turkey.

What is Obama getting in return?