Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jihad, From Chechnya to Boston

Is there no depth the amoralists won't stoop to in their defense of evil?
Are we now to believe the terrorists of the Caucacus Caliphate are actually freedom fighters, pitted against the autocrat, Putin?
In the Arab Spring, secular socialists was replaced with a cabal of religious zealots.
That's progress, according to democrats.
Arrested development.

The amoralists are now apologizing sheer evil - the sacrifice of children to a disgusting ideology of backward oppression - in the name of the democratic 'liberty'.

Tx to @BoschFawstin for his approval to repost here his dedication to the Beslan massacre, lest we forget what hell looks like:
The scumbag terrorists who butchered Americans at the Boston marathon ended up being what even Muslims and Leftists thought they'd be, Muslims. But these particular Scumuslims are Chechen, which brought to my mind one of the most horrific acts of terror ever, the Beslan Massacre. Here's what I wrote and drew about that a few years ago:
It’s been eight years since the Beslan Massacre – what some have referred to as Russia’s 9/11 – where over 1,000 men, women and children were taken hostage at a school for three days. In the end, nearly 400 of them were murdered, 156 of whom were children. Below are the actual words of once innocent children, some who were as young as 7 at the time they spoke them. They've been forever been scarred by Islam’s jihad.