Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Virulent Anti West Journo Arrested in Egypt

*LOL* @RenaNetjes, a virulent anti West and anti Israel journo has been arrested in Cairo for the crime of 'foisting Western values on Egyptians' *MEGA ROFLOL* The Dutch freelance journo and Arabic scholar is married to an Eyptian and is working for a number of news outlets.

Because of her stance on Israel and Western values she became the center of a storm in 2009 when she stood for a seat in the European Parliament for the Christian Democrat Party CDA (read Afshin Ellian in Elsevier (Dutch)).

In an interview she denied 9/11 was an attack on Western democracy. In her view the act of war against New York's twin towers was the result of Western meddling in the Middle East. It is therefore rather poetic she should now be arrested for... meddling *L0oOL*

She was working on an item about youth unemployment at the time of her arrest late last night. 

One of her employers spoke to her briefly over the phone this morning. She spent the night in a cigarette butt infested jail, notorious for cases of prison rape. 

Netjes is hoping to be released later today, but who's to say... unfortunately it's too early for the EU's 5 billion euros towards 'democracy' to have taken hold in the country.

In an interview (audio) she said: 
"They're all hyped up... They think I'm a danger to national security. They don't want to expose the dirty laundry, the things not going well in Egypt."
We must now let diplomacy take its course. Netjes has been in touch with the ambassador and a benevolent MP has pressed upon the Foreign Office to jump into gear. A journo colleague has called upon the Foreign Minister to lecture the nation of Egypt on democratic values. All will be well.

We are keeping you abreast of developments as they occur...


A Dutch priest has come to Rena's rescue (well on Facebook anyway)...

Meanwhile it transpired Netjes is not free from controversy in other departments either: she has stated that women in the Middle East should not complain about being oppressed by husbands, brothers, fathers and religious leaders. They have only themselves to blame, as Mohammed has instituted women's rights.