Monday, April 22, 2013


Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck promised last week he would reveal important new information on his radio and TV shows today and tomorrow about the Boston Bombings. This is the first batch of information he divulged on his radio show today. We are keeping you updated as more information becomes available.

Boston Marathon and the Mysterious Saudi

In the wake of the bombing of the Boston Marathon on Monday April 15 a young Saudi was treated in hospital for injuries he sustained in the attack. He was placed under arrest. In the evening his flat in Boston was extensively searched. How Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi got to be at the Boston Marathon finish has never been explained. His student visa specifies residence in Thinly, Ohio.

On Tuesday April 16 the National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC) issued an Event File in Al-Harbi's name in which he was categorized as a suspect with 2123B status: this means he is a proven terrorist (solid evidence is required).

That same day Secretary of State Kerry had a meeting with the Saudi Foreign Minister, Al Saud. Then the status of Al-Harbi is reduced from suspect with status 2123B to 'person of interest', and finally to simply witness. Kerry had a second unscheduled meeting with Al Saud.

On Wednesday April 17 on 17:35 the NCTC Event File is altered, which is unheard of. This can only be done in two ways: either by Director of the NCTC in unanimous agreement with the directors of the combined intelligence services, or by a high level person in the State Dept. This is sheer impossible in the specified time.

An ICE official said a different Saudi national is in custody, but is “in no way” connected to the bombings. Al Harbi has probably been deported. Apparently there are two Saudi nationals involved. There could be a case of mistaken identity. Who is this second Saudi? Who is the other Al Harbi?

 Al-Harbi is flagged on a terror watch list but was granted visa without being vetted. An analysis by the Shoebat Foundation has revealed the Al-Harbi clan is counting no less than six confirmed terrorists.

The media refuse to investigate and report on the relationship between the US and with SA. They are either lazy or act as a propaganda arm of the government. How did CNN get its reporting so wrong? The disinformation has been brought back to a single source, John King's unknown spokesman.

Special Travel Status for Saudies

On September 13, 2001 President Bush had a meeting with a Saudi prince. Within days 140 Saudis were flown out of the country without investigation in the 9/11 attack.

On January 14, 2013 Obama met with the Minister of the Interior of SA. Two days later Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano signed an agreement with the Saudis which grants SA nationals Trusted Traveller status. This is a status which not even the US' closest allies, France and UK enjoy. Israel has this privilege, but the Obama regime have not signed the agreement.

It means Saudi travellers are walking in and out of the country at will. Borders are wide open: prayer rugs and jihad brochures have been found at the Mexican border. The number of mosques are mushrooming! All these activities are funded by SA.

So, Where is Al-Harbi?

The question currently is, where is Al-Harbi? Has he been deported or not? Was it the Boston Al-Harbi, or another person? The Boston Al-Harbi went to the same mosque as the Boston brothers. It is run by the Muslim Brotherhood.

We must ask ourselves, what is the origin of Al Qaeda? It is a Saudi organization that fell out with the House of Saud, because they upset the precarious status quo, a two centuries old power sharing agreement between the royals and the religious elite. Al Qaeda hate the US because they helped the House of Saud in their dispute.

The US is specifically at war with Al Qaeda, not with radical Islam, the Wahhabis, which represents the Saudi religious elite. This is critical in understanding what is going on. The status quo with the Wahhabis and the House of Saud can't be upset, or the entire Middle East is thought to blow up. Therefore a fictitious dictinction is made between Islam and Al Qaeda. In other words: Al Qaeda is fair game, but Islam is untouchable. The US is fighting a foe they can't even identify!

This article will be updated as soon as more info becomes available! >>> Part 2