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Reports: Suspect believed to have been injured last night. Thought to be bleeding heavily. Police is taking their time, not risking the lives of any officers. The suspect isn't going anywhere..

Update: Officials: suspect believed to have been hiding in the boat all day. There are some 40 gallons of gasoline in the boat. And the suspect may be in possession of explosives like his brother was. The owner of the boat noticed the shrink wrap covering the boat was pierced, and saw blood on the side of the boat. This prompted him to call 911.

Reports: "Dead body found in a boat" - situation fluid... boat is in a back yard covered with shrink wrap, body appears to be alive! Area is evacuated. The police have the area under control: there is no chance suspect will get away from this situation. Suspect is thought to have explosives..isn't moving, maybe bleeding out after barrage of gun fire. Boom just heard.. Half a dozen shots heard, light flashes seen: purpose is to disorient the suspect.
Weird: Suspect is a 9/11 Truther:
Update: Webcam on Boston police scanner

Update: Mum: "It's a set-up".

Update: Suspect wants 'world ruled by Islam'.

Update: Photo of dead suspect, Tamerlan. Strong stomach required.

Update: Suspect DzhokHar Tsarnaev's Twitter messages before and after the Marathon attack.

Update: Boston is in lock down. This is what Bostons looks like at present.

Update: Al Qaeda video suspect posted to YouTube:

Update: Boston bombing victim who lost both legs (on this iconic NSFW photo) helped identify the suspects (source)

Update: Army and police helicopters are hovering over the Watertown area. Law enforcement is out in force.

Update: Dead brother Tamerlan was a very religious Muslim boxer

Update: Suspects are Muslim.


Update: Whereas the father is living in Chechnya, the Tsarnaev brothers have an uncle living in Maryland, Ruslan Tsarni, clearly a great American who is grateful in the US everyone gets a chance. He called his family, 'losers' who couldn't settle, so they hated everyone. He has not spoken to his relatives since 2009. The brothers emigrated to the US in 2003. The elder brother Tamerlan may have a 2 year old daughter.

Update: Canadian border police put on heightened alert.

Update: There has been a bomb scare at a house in Arsenal St in Watertown, a make shift 'press center'. A pipe bomb, explosives and a pressure cooker have been found.

Update: A third suspect is reportedly travelling from Boston to NY by Amtrack. The train has been stopped and evacuated. There are currently no developments.

Update: There is a warning by law enforcement that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (19) - at large, armed and dangerous - may to be wearing a explosives belt.
A second police officer has died of his wounds in hospital. 

Update: The two suspects are brothers. They also have an older sister (22). The older brother called Tamerlan (26) has died (scroll down). The house of the family is being searched at the moment as there is danger of explosives on the premises. The entire Norfolk Street in Cambridge is being evacuated.

Update: Associated Press is reporting the suspects are from the Russian region of Chechnya and have been residing in the US for about 10 years. Officials have named the suspect 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Sunil Tripathi is a false identification).

Things are starting to fall into place. Chechnya in the Caucasus area of Russia has had its share of cruel Islamic terrorism. Al Qaeda has been said to be looking for jihadists who are young and easy to blend in in the US population.

Judging how the operation was conducted the suspects may have had some paramilitary training. Hostage taking is standard in Caucasian terrorism. An expert thinks this may be no isolated incident, but part of a wider operation. This is now a matter for international terrorism experts.

Twitter messages name the suspects as Mike Mulugeta #1 @MikeMulugeta and Sunil Tripathi (FB cache) #2, the latter reported missing from Brown University since Saturday.
Update: Both identifications have since proved false.

In a shoot out with the police in the Boston residential suburb of Watertown, one young police officer has died. Suspects threw grenades at the police. Reporters describe the scene as surreal.

Suspect #1 is reported to have died in hospital from bullet and shrapnel wonds. It is reported that Tsarnaev ran over suspect #1 when officers tried to arrest him.
Update: Meanwhile it transpired that both suspects are brothers. The father (still in Chechnya) has described the dead son - Tamerlan Tsarnaev - as a brilliant medical student and a true angel (of death presumably).

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is at this moment still at large. He is thought to be capable of anything. He is in possession of guns and possibly an explosives belt.

The police is on high alert. They have advised the residents of a number of Boston suburbs to stay indoors. Bet some wish they had guns right now *OMG*

As the day is taking its course the situation is getting more tense. MIT is closed for the day. Public transport and cab services have been suspended.

There are currently reports of two more persons arrested.

The man hunt started early this morning at MIT. It is reported that at some stage the suspects took a hostage, who was released later on. He is questioned at the moment. He was in the presence of the suspects for over half an hour.

How do some Muslims react to the Boston Bombings? Read it here.

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Cyber Jihad and bombings are tragic, but not unexpected. It's the logical consequence of our inability to go after the terror masters in Iran and SA. Don't be surprised when we hear of suitcase nukes next in some capital city in Europe or the US. The idea that Islamic terrorism can be contained at home while remaining isolated from it abroad, is bizarre. The only way to make an end to the bloodshed is to go after the pay masters in Iran and SA.
The tragic tally so far: 3 dead, 176 injured of which 17 critical and 10 amputees. We thank the premo/pomo axis for yet another bloodbath! Updates >>> April 18, 2013

During the presser the FBI released a video with surveillance footage and a number of still pictures of two suspects.

They are considered armed and dangerous. The public is urged not to take any action, but call law enforcement. Yet, there is no immediate danger the FBI is aware of.

Suspect #1 in a blue cap and blue jacket, carrying a rucksack. Suspect #2 is wearing a white cap and a dark jacket, carrying a light colored duffel bag of some kind.

Following a non scheduled meeting of the Obama with the Saudi foreign minister Saud Al Faisal, the Saudi non suspect has now been cleared of any involvement in the Boston bombings and is said to have been deported to SA for 'security reasons'.
Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi is a 20 year-old exchange student, here in the picture left seen at a picnic with a buddy in an Anonymous mask.

As Shoebat is pointing out in this analysis Alharbi is from a prominent Saudi family with extensive ties to terrorism. Out of a list of 85 terrorists listed by the Saudi government several of Al-Harbi clan have been active fighters in Al-Qaeda.

Why suddenly is al-Harbi being sent out of the country as the terror investigation is yet ongoing?
The media confusion yesterday can be brought back to one source: CNN's John King's interlocutor.

Update: one of the men in the photo has come forward and is denying any involvement.
Investigators are circulating photos of two men spotted near the finish line. One of them is carrying a blue duffel bag. The other is wearing a black backpack. Meanwhile, officials have identified two potential suspects on surveillance videos. Authorities are said to know the names of the two men, but do not have enough evidence to make an arrest. It was not immediately clear if the men in the surveillance videos and on the photo's are the same. According to sources the men in the photo are employees of Craft International, a private security firm.

Update: Media Causing Media Chaos! The FBI and Boston Police said no arrests have been made in the Boston Marathon bombing, despite widespread earlier reports that a suspect was in custody in Monday's deadly attack. CNN Blows News of Boston Bombing Arrest...

April 17, 2013

Earlier investigators made a “clear identification” of a suspect in the bombings with surveillance video, according to CNN, which is reporting that a suspect has been arrested. Authorities have a clear video image of a “dark-skinned male” placing a bag at the second bomb site outside of the Forum restaurant on Boylston Street and then leaving the area before that explosion. The breakthrough came through analysis of surveillance video from the Lord & Taylor store on Boylston Street. Sources claim the video is so clear they can see the suspect’s face.

Status update: 69 victims remain hospitalized with injuries, 24 of those are critical.
Also on this blog: Shoebat Foundation is exploring Saudi terror involvement.

April 16, 2013

Muslims commemorating Boston, well, four anyway!

The New York Post has this story on the Saudi in custody: Roommate calls Saudi national 'quiet and clean' while Atlas Shrugs has this contribution to ad: SAUDI IN BOSTON BOMBING IS A "DEVOUT MUSLIM FROM MEDINA"

Update: The Saudi national in custody at the Boston Hospital, is now officially only a witness. It is strange in the light of earlier reports and his apartment searched. 

Anonymous sources have described the bombs as ball bearings, nails and other metal shrapnel in pressure cookers packed in duffel bags.

According to Yahoo News this type of bomb is used all kinds of terrorist groups and individuals, from Maoists to Islamists.

Homeland Security bulletin on the use of pressure cookers in terrorism


April 15, 2013

The FBI is treating it as a terrorist attack.

Additional Explosion at JFK Library

Update: Graphic picture

Update: @BostonGlobe: MARATHON EXPLOSIONS: Boston hospitals report more than 100 being treated after Marathon explosions.

Update: Presser by Deval Patrick, Governor of the State of Massachusetts and Tom Menino, Boston Mayor

Update: VIDEO: Full video of both explosions and aftermath of Boston Marathon bombings

Update: Presser: Obama is looking for rogue individuals. Apparently he has not yet worked out an ideology is at war with Freedom and with the West #FAIL While Obama himself refrained from using the word terrorist, White House officials are saying it was clearly "an act of terror" *Whoa*

Update: CNN (Breitbart: interview with Peter Bergen) and WBUR are very fast to blame this heinous act on "right wing extremists".

Update: A 20 year old Saudi on a student visa is said to have deposited something in a trash can and ran from the scene. He was apprehended by a civilian and was turned over to law enforcement. At this point he is denying any involvement.

Update: Warning! Very graphic images on LiveLeak

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