Sunday, March 17, 2013

Op Western Clusterfuck. Democracy Isn't Liberty.

In one of the most tragic fallacies in modern history entire chunks of the Middle East and swathes of Northern Africa have gone up in flames. Predictably, the "spontaneous uprising for freedom and democracy" known as the Arab Spring has developed into an Islamic winter. The Muslim Brotherhood has turned the White House into its Central Command.
The peoples of the West are accepting the paradigm, as they are confusing democracy with liberty. This chart is making clear why this is a mistake. The two state concepts are very distinct and even directly opposing each other. As a result of the fallacy the world is presently counting more democratically legitimated tyrannies than ever before. What exactly is the profit if you replace a secular tyrant with a committee of mullahs? The net result is negative for individual liberty, minorities and human rights (the latter btw a democratic narrative; the Islamic world only recognizes the Sharia based Cairo Declaration).
As we have seen in the former Yugoslavia the public in the West is led by misguided emotions triggered by Just War Theory. This doctrine holds in essence that war is ethically justified if not notably waged in self interest. This is why civilian victims (preferably babies, the elderly and animals) are central in altruist war propaganda; they are sowing the seeds for a morally legit casus belli.  
The Iran/Syria nexus has been violating human rights for decades without anyone protesting the fact; now suddenly intervention is imperative. Hypocrisy abound!
Today we woke up to the news that France and the UK are considering supplying arms *H/t @thejaycalledlee* to the Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria a.k.a. the Free Syrian Army *coughs* #Orwell  In the meantime Iran and its annex in Lebanon, Hezbollah have raised an army of some 50,000 men. What started as a proxy war between the Sunnite (SA, Qatar h/t @Fub_Fub) and the Shiite (Iran et al) schism in which the West has no business meddling, is now developing into the Mother of WWIII. When Neo Czar Putin is losing his patience with the West's altruist wars the sh*t will be hitting the fan big time!
The following quote has many fathers, amongst whom Napolean Bonaparte, who knew a thing or two about imperial overstretch: "Don't attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence."
Update h/t @wanttruth @CasReeves