Saturday, March 30, 2013

Titslamism: On April 4 Bare Your Breasts for Liberty!

While asshat faux feminists in the West are donning black sacks over their heads in submission to premoderist tyrants, and cowardesses in Tunisia are calling for appeasement, the Arab Spring has brought forth a number of heroines who are facing death threats and worse.
Said dhimmi idiots can make up for their grievous sin of supporting Islamofascism by joining their sisters on April 4, International Topless Jihad Day, and jump into action at an Embassy of Tunisia of their choice.
Prove the world that Arab Spring was indeed about liberty, not a lunacy to help the Muslim Brotherhood to power!
Stand up for freedom and bare your breasts against premodernism.
Check out Titslamism on the site of Femen, now back online after having been predictably hacked.
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