Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Legal Heist or The Morality of the Tax Looter

Source: The Daily Caller: Here’s the IRS “Star Trek” video you paid for, America

This poison, popularized by #Occupy and #Uncut legitimizes the ultimately fascist logic that all value belongs to the state; that private wealth creation and property rights do not exist
*You Didn't Build That!*. Wealth is theirs to redistribute as they see fit.
'Morally superior', grandiose narcissists like Bill Gates, Michael mO0re and Warren Buffet happily and voluntarily part with large sums your money. Those who stubbornly wish to hold on to their well deserved cash are beyond evil and deserve to be stripped from their last penny.
This is precisely the morality at work in #Cyprus and in the entire euro zone. Assimilation into the collective legitimizes the largest bank heist in human history.
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