Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rise Up: A Great Australian Explains MultiCult

'Why Multiculturalism is a Failure,' a speech by Daniel Nalliah, President of the Rise Up Australia Political Party (subscribe on YT). He's clearing up a number of misconceptions, among the most glaring, the cover up of the true meaning of multiculturalism, that all cultures are equally valid.
But the concept was sold to the citizens as a multi-ethnic society, enabling politicians to play the card of accomplished fact: multicult is already here! A lie and an intentional deception!
If freedom surrenders to a sectarian, pseudo religious collective, we will all end up as its drones. Tolerance does not mean I am compromise my stand. A compromise of food and poison, is poison. A little pregnant does not exist. This is an absolute.
As for some race obsessed drones, freedom is not a 'white' concept; liberty is a color blind universal.
H/t @JustinTemplar