Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is There a Future for Modern Civilization? 2/2

Continued from part 1/2
So where do we go after this crypto official destruction program? The aim of this blog is critiquing pOmo memes and ideas wherever we may find them. pOmo as a mode of thought was made possible by the philosophical revolution of the Counter Enlightenment; the foundation of which was laid by Rousseau, Kant and Hegel, building on Platonic premises. Under its influence the mode of thought in Western civilization over time shifted from full integration to full desintegration in a matter of under two centuries.
Leonard Peikoff in his new book, The DIM Hypothesis is distinguishing five fundamental philosophical modes (check chart): PreMo, Mod, pOmo plus two mixed modes (check the chart Defining Premo, Mod en pOmo).
What we are currenly seeing is the destruction of one such a mixed mode, which developed after 1850 as an effort to save science from Kantian attacks. It is a mix of secular humanism, various forms of relativism, rationalism, and positivism.
Keeping a diary in these pages on the pOmo mode, the question is often asked, after the abyss of nihilism and the destruction of values, where do we go from here? A recently initiated movement, coined MetaMo oscillates between pOmo and Mod, but this is in all probability a failing line. We shall see why. Peikoff ventures an answer to the question, and it stands to reason: where else but faith would people turn after the cultural Armageddon!
He is foreseeing a take over by an unadulterated class M2 totalitarian mysticism reminiscent of the Middle Ages. Here are some of the key elements: believe in the supernatural, rejection of the material world as unreal; destruction of worldly values; authoritarian; totalitarian; anti reality mysticism.
PreMo and pOmo type movements often combine forces to evict a ruling elite. Examples would be the Iranian Revolution and more recently the Arab Spring in which leftist liberals and islamofascists worked in tandem to remove secular modernist autocrats. After the take over PreMos take charge of the operation and proceed to repress their former allies. Ayn Rand has said, when men share the same basic premise, it is the most consistent ones who win: apparently theology trumps ideololgy in that respect. So now we have a calculated prediction where current cataclysm may be headed.
Peikoff views the battle from an American perspective and sees Christianity, more precifically Baptist Evangelism, as the main enemy of reason: this happens to be a pOmo form of mysticism. But mysticism has a very broad spectrum: it comprises any form of belief in the supernatural: which includes not just organized religion, but also pseudo faiths like Socialism and environmentalism, New Age, astrology, various oriental schools and Utopian ideals: anything from Mohammed to Marx and magic.
In Europe we have a entire range of mysticism to choose from, one even more collective and narcisistic altruistic than the next. The new mode may well be a PreMo/pOmo combination, or more likely, given the totalitarian nature of M2, the PreMo strain may eventually become dominant. Islam particularly springs to mind.
Either way, the age of reason is over and the future for Liberty is looking pretty grim.
The battle will continue. Freedom is not a default position; it is acquired. It will be lost to those unwilling to fight for it.