Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Free Press Under Assault by EU Apparatchiks.

The Commentator - a political website self advertising as anti Socialism and anti corporatism, I love it - has run foul of EU apparatchiks. Monika Kosinska, the 'Secretary General' of the European Public Health Alliance, a heavily subsidized sockpoppet of the European Commission, shamelessly tweeted yesterday:
Apparently averse to inconvenient news and opinion, the EU outfit is now calling for 'regulation' of the press. The altercation was triggered by a fairly modest article on a controversy in Sweden about the EU ban of 'snus'. Snus is a tobacco product which is very popular in Sweden; but a recent study by the WHO deemed it a carcinogen.
According to a poll carried out by Novus, three in ten in a sample of over a thousand Swedes think their country should leave the EU if it insists on banning the immensely popular snus.
Here's The Commentator's reaction to the tweet:
Despite not actually saying what is and what isn't "utter b*llshit" about the article, it's incredibly enlightening to note that the Secretary General of an EU organisation like the EPHA jumps not to writing a response, not to asking us questions, not to clarifying her position or interpretation of the law, but in fact to regulation of the free press. Well Monika, sadly for you, The Commentator will never be regulated, no matter how much you and your pals lobby for it. 
The Brits do have a sense of humor:
One thing that did make me laugh is when I looked into Monika's background, I came across a blog post by her from earlier this year. She writes about an event she was attending: "Was challenged by the moderator, who unexpectedly suggested I was propagating a return to communism..." Really, Monika? You? Propagating a return to communism? Say it ain't so...
By Gerton van Unnik