Wednesday, March 13, 2013

EUSSR Komisar Trying to Bore Us Into Submission

Hat tip @NigelFarage we can witness presently the spectacle of EU Komisar Olli Rehn explaining to the EP in terms which are in the best Stalinistic tradition, the necessity for EU member states to fork over their national sovereignty to Leviathan, so as to... ensure democracy and accountability! Orwell lives!  
Like everything else in the book of pluralism and truth by consensus, the tyrannical language is 'balanced' with the shibboleths of egalitarian ethics: communal method of directives in 2 packs, 4 packs and 5 packs for strong fiscal capacity to combat tax fraud and tax evasion - you know, against those dastardly capitalists who have the audacity to want to hold on to their own hard earned cash. This is mitigated by meaningless labels as democracy, accountability, solidarity and sustainability. The end result is supposed to be an EMU (European Monetary Union) for - and I quote - the benefit of the citizens.
In passing it transpires the union has proclaimed 2013 the year of the fracking European citizen, a notion which does not even exist, but is nevertheless pushed through our throats by agit prop paid for by ourselves, the tax payer. It's the euro equivalent of the Commie Chinese who send the bill for the bullet to the family of the executed.