Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BIG Truths Revealed by the Cyprus Blunder

The bailout blunder on Cyprus has revealed a number of dramatic facts of reality, all game changers in themselves alone. But how did Cyprus get into trouble? Apart from a BIG Government, BIG Spending commie as President (since voted out of office), their banks got a haircut of 75 percent in the Greek crisis! But no one cried foul at the time, because the victims were faceless investors, filthy rich people and financial institutions. So who TF cared?
The eurocrats meanwhile are hitting the panic button ... BIG Time! See memo published today by the European Commission neatly omitting certain unwelcome truths. Herr Schulz of the EP is throwing the entire proposal under the bus *ROFLOL* Move along, this *FUBARRRRR* has nothing to the with us...
But the terms of the bailout perfectly fitted the narrative that capitalism and tax evaders are to blame for the debt crisis, instead of policies advocated by International Democratic Socialism. It's a prime example how corruption breeds more corruption!
How did these banks get so big in the first place? It’s because BIG Governments and central banks have been propping them up! BIG Governments need BIG Banks in order to buy their BIG Debt! Even before the BIG Fat Man Made Disaster of 2008 Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan were bailed out five times in 20 years!
First of all the Cyprus bailout blunder has revealed that we are already living in a fascist system! There is really no such thing as private property rights. Big Government considers itself entitled to any amount of your property it requires. It is the logical outcome of taxation: deficits can be solved by government helping itself to your hard earned revenue. The Int'l DemSoc cabal is crying this is only your moral duty! 
It further revealed there are limits to democracy. There is no choice between the political Left - on principle advocating collectivism - or a political Right - defending individual rights. There are just hundred shades of grey pragmatism with the prime aim of consensus and expediency. The voter is left with a Potemkin democracy: all form, no substance.
Here's is one economic truth pOmo politicians are trying to evade with all means at their disposal: the greater a country's debts, the fewer its options and the less powerful it gets. So they blame the banksters and the capitalist system which they corrupted in the first place. And they tell voters the impossible is possible: spending your way out of debt. You can evade reality, but you can't get away from the effects of the evasion. Sooner or later a correction will take place, case need a rough one. Reality is strange that way!
The Cyprus bailout has further revealed that our progressivist leaders are no smarter than we are. It is difficult to find the words to describe their stupidity. Blinded by the 'immoral' Russian tax evading oligarchs, they tried to shore up Cypriot banks with a policy that will cause a run on those very same banks. And every citizen with half a brain cell has now been alerted to the fact that their bank savings aren't safe any longer. Government backed compensation schemes proved void! 
Cyprus offers a grim glimpse of a possible future for the wider Western world: BIG Government politicians will sacrifice the people for bad currencies, BIG debts and false promises of the impossible; Fascism, expropriations, the destruction of property rights, democracy in tatters, and criminals in charge.
We all owe the plucky Cypriots a huge thank you for the wake up call they extended! You can run, but you can no longer hide. So what are we to do? In upcoming posts we will try to offer some solutions.
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